I don’t know if it is because I’m getting older or if it’s the fast-paced way this world is turning, but I miss Sundays.

Obviously, I do not miss the day Sunday because we have one every week. I miss the spirit of Sunday. I miss the spirit of slowing down and taking time to recoup. I miss the normalcy of taking that day to visit with family and friends. I miss the fact that it used to be OK to go to church in the morning, have a big Sunday lunch, and spend the rest of the day just resting. All of this used to be OK, and now it seems to be frowned upon or harder to do.

We do own our own business and it is seasonal, so the warmer months are filled with working and trying to keep up with household chores and everyday life. My husband works seven days a week unless the weather is bad, and it seems like a lot of days are spent in passing. I enjoy the rare Sunday he takes off, and we can just be together even if he is using that day to catch up on yard work or things that need fixing around the house. 

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These days it seems as though there is always something that needs to be done, somewhere we need to go, or something that keeps us busy.

When did it become taboo in our society to not do anything? When did relaxing and recharging become a four-letter word? 

It seems now people get upset when stores are closed on holidays or Sundays. Sure, it can be inconvenient at times but is the world going to end if we have to wait until Monday to buy something? Everybody wants instant gratification. I know I am guilty of it. We have become a society that wants what we want, and we want it now. Everywhere you look society is geared towards getting things faster and easier. Amazon Prime (which I have) is a great example. 

How many people send a text or call someone and get upset when the person they are trying to reach takes a while to respond? I am fortunate to have grown up in a time when answering machines weren’t even popular yet, so you left a message and you were lucky if that person ever even got it, let alone if they called you right back.

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I miss those days. I do not know if I miss them because I was younger and more carefree or because times were becoming more difficult but were still simpler in their own way.

I often wonder if people will ever stop and slow down or if the world will keep spinning faster and faster until it flies off its axis. 

We are all so consumed with phones, tablets, computers, and keeping up with the Joneses that we are missing out on so much beauty and kindness in the world.

We all hide behind social media profiles and get sucked in by the latest drama that we lose track of all the important wonders right behind our own front door. 

Nobody “neighbors” anymore. People tend to keep to themselves and nobody knows how to agree to disagree and remain friends. I do not know when this shift from balancing work and relaxation to 24/7 busyness occurred or when being social turned into having social media.

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I do not know how we did not see it coming, but I long for those days again. I long for the luxury of just stopping and enjoying time spent with family and friends face-to-face. I long for the ability to have a clear conscience when I do stop and take time to myself and just exist. Not doing anything, just being. Maybe someday, I will figure out the secret to balancing work and play and rest, but until then I will continue to wonder: Where have all the Sunday’s gone?

Sharon Beaudoin

Married with two stepdaughters and a baby on the way—two dogs, three cats, one rabbit. Enjoy, knitting, reading, candle making, time away with the family.