I’m from dirt fields, gravel roads and John Deere tractors.

      From the land of never-ending cornfields and pick-up trucks; men in overalls, work boots, dusted caps, Pioneer Seed sweatshirts and plyers on their belts.

I’m from a sturdy farm house, a white picket fence and wide open spaces;

      From Jeffrey Wade and Jacqueline Gail.

I’m from the pain of losing a brother to an accident, and from thankful awe of the healing my family has received.

      From a growing, growing evergreen tree named Joshua.

I’m from blue and white speckled enamel dishes and a home filled with the scent of freshly baked bread.

I’m from the hum of the irrigation motor during suppers on the patio, and stunning sunsets that behold more colors than one can conceive. And after, a black black sky that’s dotted with the brightest of stars and the light of fireflies.

I’m from enjoying county fairs and hay rack rides and bonfires in the pasture;

      From building forts in old sheds & between aged trees and shooting a million hoops with dad.

 I’m from 4-H, “pledging my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Hands to larger service, and my Health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world” as I learned to bake, sew, set a proper table and pick up litter.

I’m from 70 degree weather today and snow tomorrow.

I’m from the Husker Nation and Big Red “N” decorations.

 I’m from “putting up sweet corn” parties in order to eat all we can feast on year-round.

I’m from cattle yards and T-bone steaks. 

      From chili with cinnamon rolls and Runza sandwiches.

I’m from Manna Camp and the Praise Palace and the zip line too, where life was discovered and fun was found.

I’m from a family whose commitment to and support of me has enabled me to dream dreams and follow them.

I’m from the God of Grace who created my roots and all my future days. 


*Inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon



Josi Seibert

Josi was born and raised a Nebraska girl. As many Cornhuskers did, she grew up on a farm in a small rural community. Upon graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University, she exchanged cornfields for skyscrapers as she moved to Chicago to attend Moody Theological Seminary. It was there that she met her beloved husband, Ryan, and grew an interest in cross-cultural relationships as she worked with international students, refugee families, and lived in one of the most diverse communities in the country. She and her husband moved to Ghana, West Africa in September 2013 with a team of friends to start a business. In 2015 they resettled back in Chicago to welcome their first child and are currently working with World Relief, helping resettle refugees and find them employment. You're invited to keep in step with them as they live, work, learn and play: http://www.ryanandjosi.blogspot.com/