As my husband so kindly reminded me last week, its time to re-focus & remember my purpose. The past few weeks have been insanely busy & stressful in the Williams household. We are preparing to head back overseas to Europe for another season of professional basketball. We have been bombarded daily with phone calls, questions, & everyone wants to know when we are leaving & where we are going. The answer? We don’t know. It is the name of the game, negotiate, negotiate, & negotiate some more.

As the days pass & I can barely keep up with time; my husband stopped me over the weekend to simply remind me to breathe & re-focus on the important things in my life that I am committed to. (PS—thank you, Lord for my amazing spouse!)

What are these things you ask? What exactly IS my purpose? What needs to be re-focused on? Let me tell you…

  1. Love greatly
  2. Serve humbly
  3. Live boldly
  4. Laugh often

These 4 mottos encompass all the important things in my life & my priorities.

I want to love greatly. This means loving Christ, my husband, my son, & myself. Notice I said love GREATLY. This does not mean perfectly! In my flesh I am weak, there is no way to be the perfect wife or mom, but I can love with my whole heart. I can love them with every part of my being & that is to love greatly. I can give Christ my time & my first moments of the day. Although I will sin & fall short of Him, His grace is perfect & He is still ever-present.

To serve humbly. Whether it is community service, bible study, tithing, volunteering, or giving an ear to listen to, my desire is to be Christ like & serve in any way I can.

To live boldly. This is a powerful one. What will my legacy be? What will I be remembered by? When someone speaks of me, what will they say? I want to live a life that has meaning, goals, desires, plans, & passion. I want to wake up everyday hungry for the days ahead. Will it matter 5 years from now that I am wearing the same clothes because everything else is packed? No. Something so little as the stressors I feel now, will be like distant memories in the days to come. There are far bigger goals, plans, & dreams to fill my time with than these small worries.

To laugh often. This is my favorite. I actually think everyone’s lists of goals & purpose should include laughing! After all the craziness & stress of everyday life, it is so important to laugh & think of the happy things. I do not live in oblivion & not everyday is a bed of rainbows & roses. But everyday IS a gift, life IS a gift, & if I can appreciate just breathing…I need to smile. My husband, son, & I are healthy; I need to smile. We have a roof over our heads & we have food on the table; I need to smile. My sweet baby boy learned to walk last week; I need to smile. We had a great day at the park yesterday; I need to laugh! I need to always remember that life is special, little things aren’t something to ruin days over, and tomorrow is not promised.

Laugh often, it is good for the soul. And while you are at it, make someone else laugh too.

I don’t have all the answers to life & sometimes my life is crazy, but I do know that my husband is 100% correct. I need to take time to sit back, take a deep breath (or 5), & remember my purpose, remember what matters, & remember what doesn’t!

Morgan Williams

Hi! My name is Morgan Williams & I am currently a stay at home mama to my son Logan. I am married to Lorenzo & we travel Europe for his professional basketball career. In my free time, I enjoy fitness & blogging about life, love, & travel. I also participate in women's bible study & some great charitable organizations. Thanks for reading!