I saw it all over Facebook on September 1: a split meme depicting the individual on August 31 as someone lounging in a bikini in the pool with the opposite side on September 1 showing that same person in a jack-o-lantern costume surrounded by fallen leaves. I got a good chuckle at my friends who posted these memes. So many people I knew were ready to break out their cauldrons and brooms to fully embrace sweater weather and All Hollow’s Eve on September 1.

Bring on November 1. Once again, my Facebook feed was filled with a similar post: a split meme describing the individual on October 31 as one of the Sanderson sisters and the flip side on November 1 as Buddy the Elf. Now this is something I could comment on with a big ole “YASSS!”

While both of these memes portrays each individual’s excitement for “their” holiday, I noticed that one received more feisty feedback in the comment section than the other. I bet you can guess which one it was…

Why do I and other Christmas crazed people have to face such sassy Facebook comments regarding our excitement and affection about our favorite holiday?! We let you start your public display for your season two months in advance…so let us jam out to Jingle Bell Rock two months in advance…without question.

Just like the Halloween lover, we know we don’t just celebrate one sole day even though that is what the calendar tries to tell us. We celebrate the season and the atmosphere it creates. Soaking in every single second of it becomes an obsession; a necessity almost!

And yes, us Yuletide nuts are aware that Thanksgiving comes before our beloved holiday. If my fellow nutcrackers are anything like me, they don’t hate Turkey Day. We actually include it in our madness! This time of year is filled with the opportunity to reflect with our loved ones on the many blessings received throughout the year, one can witness a reluctant heart turn into a giver, families flock together and the spirit and joy in the air is felt by all. We celebrate all the happy feelings the entire season brings!

There is no shame in celebrating holidays early! To all of those who are trying to pull down our sparkly garland and dumping our figurative eggnog down the drain…just remember, we didn’t try to clean up your cobwebs and we let you sip your PSL in peace.

Kara Stevens

Kara Stevens is the wife to a wonderful Marine and mommy to beautiful little boys in Central Nebraska. Besides her growing family, her loves include the outdoors, cooking, writing, and spending time in prayer!