In those precious first moments,

After your body left mine,

A hazy cloud shifted instantly.

One I didn’t realize was smothering me.

Gone was the fear, angst, and worry.

Replaced with air so refreshing,

I could breathe again once more.

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You had found your new home,

Nestled safely under my chin,

In arms made just to hold you.

My guarded heart now completely exposed.

Tired eyes mystified in awe,

That something so foreign could feel so naturally right.

In that moment, I understood what it felt to be at peace, to be terrified, and entirely complete all at once.

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In the days that followed,

A sleepy fog descended and settled seemingly for the long haul.

We stumbled our way through the thick of it,

Threatening tears and heavy thoughts at every turn.

But you, my darling, were a beacon of light.

Guiding my path until I learned to trust both of our instincts.

Now, no number of external elements,

Could impair this perfect vision.

A long-held dream now reality.

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For months we were one.

Now, my child, we are two.

Still forever connected.

You and I.

The privilege of you in my sights,

Has created the greatest view of all.

And now that I finally see clearly,

I never want to close my eyes.

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Lacey Owen

Lacey Owen is a busy New Zealand Mom of three gorgeous children who provide the basis for her blog @Laced with Love; experiences along her journey to becoming a Mother and all that Motherhood entails such as miscarriage, birth, ill babies, secondary infertility and raising young children. She works part time as a health professional and is a self confessed crazy cat lady!