You are and will forever be deeply rooted in my heart, loved with every fiber of my being. But if I may be honest, you have been one of my most difficult challenges yet. You make my mind race and my body tire. Every parameter I set, you persistently strain and push against. You test my patience with your witty rebuttals and your always inquisitive nature. The soles of your undersized shoes are worn from your endless desire to investigate the unknown and the sleeves you wear are always dripping with the emotions your tiny body can’t contain.

You intentionally take in every ounce of the world around you, remembering the most insignificant of all details, yet somehow you miss a majority of the tasks requested of you. Your unbridled impulsivity leaves tracks, but in the wake, your immensely passionate heart is revealed and sometimes left exposed.

You are outspoken and at times, a bit abrasive, but your deeply spiritual soul leaves me breathless. 

It’s because of all this, I am flooded by a host of mixed feelings whenever I think about what next month will bring. Will your debut flight be filled with calm winds and steady ascent or will you falter, veer left, and crash-land against the pavement? Whatever the outcome, whether it’s rough or it’s smooth, God will continue to guide me in this journey with you. He knows we’re not perfect but He holds us so close, setting the most loving example for me to mirror. And I will. I will give it my very best, trying always to be here for you whether you stumble or sail. 

Son, you are more than I could have ever imagined. So much more.

And the quirks you display, though they may currently drive me batty, will someday be the very things that assure your success. So forgive me, my son, for the times I lack patience, and know I will continue to love you through your highs and your lows. Next month brings kindergarten but shortly thereafter, I’ve been told, you will venture into this wide world with mountains in your way, but God’s breath at your back. And I will be there, whenever you need, to love and support you as my parents did for me.

All my love,                                


To the Boy Who Peed Down Our Air Return Vents

Images via Blue House Fotos

Becky Puls

Becky is the wife of Sean and mother to Jude, Rylan, and Indie. She resides in Kearney, Nebraska where she spent seven years teaching in a public elementary school. She recently resigned from that position to embrace the title of SAHM to her young children. She has more emotions than she knows what to do with and relies on God to steer her along this wondrous journey.