In 4th grade, most kids pine for recess, chasing their friends, and riding bikes. Some may beg to play video games; others may run home after school to play with American Girl dolls. But how many 4th graders do you know that are actual reporters? And have been featured on the Today Show interviewing Steve Carell and Julie Andrews? Well that’s the life of a very confident little girl from Southborough, MA named Shayna Rose (A.K.A. The Rose Reporter). 

Shayna’s mom Julianne tells Her View From Home that in 2nd grade, Shayna used to spend her recesses reading rather than playing and interacting with other kids. As social skills are a pivotal part of the learning experience, her teachers encouraged her to get to know her classmates better. It was then that Shayna’s reporter days began, as she set up a class newspaper and interviewed her classmates at recess.

Julianne says, “It was a big hit and she started interviewing teachers, policemen etc….finally we wrote several times to our governor (we’re in MA) and he gave her an interview. After that we wrote to the sports teams in Boston and the Patriots agreed to let Rob Gronkowski (Gronk) do an interview. After that we went up to NH during the primaries and were able to get Shayna to interview Trump and Hillary.”

And The Rose Reporter was born. Most recently, after a interview with Carol Burnett, Shayna was linked up with the producers of the Today Show, where she recorded interviews with Steve Carell and Julie Andrews, stars of Despicable Me 3. At 10 years old, interviewing A-list stars, on national TV, her poise is astonishing. In her video posted on The Today Show’s website, Shayna says, “I don’t really get nervous. I just get excited! They’re just people like everyone else.” 

In her interview with Julie Andrews, Shayna asks tough questions like “What is the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?” to which Andrews replied, “When you’re in doubt, stand still.” Steve Carell responded to this question by saying “Be nice to people, respect people, and treat others as you want to be treated.” Best lesson ever.

In another video shared on The Rose Reporter Facebook page, Shayna shows her excitement as she drives from her home in MA to NYC to appear on the Today Show. When you hear her speak, it’s easy to forget that she’s 10. But when you see her in the car, with her pillow and teddy bear called Cupcake, you remember that she’s only in 4th grade. Scroll through her page and find many other videos with inspirational figures, such as Marc Mero, former WWE champion and advocate for anti-bullying and drug and alcohol prevention. And an interview with Adrianne Haslet, who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 and has since gone on to be an inspiration to others overcoming adversity. You’ll also recognize other famous faces like Leann Rimes, Mayim Bialik, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 

 4th Grader Becomes National Sensation as Real Life Reporter

Shayna Rose is on her way to great things. At 10 years old, she carries herself with the poise and confidence of someone four times her age. She is a role model for young girls to be brave, believe in yourself, and keep going. Her mom Julianne tells Her View From Home, “We just kept requesting interviews from people we thought were interesting or inspirational and although most said no enough said yes that we kept some good momentum!” So many kids (and parents) would probably have given up if they heard “no” enough times, but not Shayna. And look where that perseverance has got her. We at HVFH look forward to following The Rose Reporter and seeing where she goes next and who she meets along the way. 

Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson is a freelance writer who is known on social media as The 21st Century SAHM. She is an assistant editor at Sammiches and Psych Meds, staff writer and social media manager for Scary Mommy, and is the author of I Brushed My Hair Today, A Mom Journal for Mostly Together Moms. Follow Karen on Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram