Hey mama,

I know you–you’re the mom who always volunteers.

I’m the mom who doesn’t.

I used to be. I used to volunteer all the time back when my schedule allowed it. I did it all, too. Book fairs, class parties, fundraisingyou name it. I loved every minute of it, but there came a time when I just couldn’t fit everything in anymore.

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That’s when you stepped in.

Or, more accurately, you stepped up.

Class parties? You’re there. Making gift baskets for that fundraiser? You’re on it. Handing out fliers? Yep, I see you!

I know it seems like some of us other mamas might just be slackers. Maybe we come off as a little less caring. Trust me, I know how it looks when a volunteer opportunity presents itself, and my eyes turn down while you’re smiling face chimes in, “I can do it!”

The truth is–I feel terrible every time.

You see, I know how thin you spread yourself.

I know you work full time. If not in an office, at home taking care of kiddos and running a household.

I know you spend all day getting your tasks done, so you can spend all night cutting, painting, and gluing.

I know you leave your children in someone else’s care while you work the food stand at that youth sporting event so other parents can enjoy watching their kids play.

I know you spend your lunch breaks researching and coordinating activities for the next PTA event.

I know you spend extra money to make sure every child everywhere you go has a snack.

I know it took you three hours to decorate that bulletin board.

I want you to know I am grateful.

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I want you to know I understand what you do and why.

I know your children are your life, and every time you help your circle, all the children in it thrive.

If I could do it still, I would, but life just goes through cycles of hectic that don’t always allow you to do the extras.

You do the extras when the rest of us can’t.

And, I want you to know I am grateful.

And, someday, I’ll be back.

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Jennifer Otto

I'm Jennifer. I'm a preschool teacher turned stay-at-home-mom. Yeah - I get it. That statement just screams: 'The Wheels on the Bus' is my anthem. But, I assure you, it's not! I spend my days drinking coffee, cussing out the laundry, and taking care of my four kids. I own a personal blog called, I Wore This Yesterday, where I write about my life. Sometimes I use it to vent about motherhood. Sometimes it's fluffy. Bottom line - I have very little filter and love sharing my highs, lows, and laughs!

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