Sometimes I feel like I get so stuck in a rut of being Martha that I forget about the beauty and peace that can come in being Mary.

I catch myself more worried about how clean my house is than the lives of the company that comes over.

I catch myself more burdened with cooking the food than on blessing it, enjoying it, and being in the moment of sharing my table.

I catch myself more focused on getting my kids to practice on time than I am focused on the joy of watching them learn and grow.

I catch myself more stressed about homework being done right than noticing just how far my little delayed speech kiddo has come, or how excited my older kids get when they learn something new.

I catch myself wanting to make sure my family looks decent for church, is fed breakfast, and arrives on time instead of focusing on spending time at Jesus’ feet with other followers.

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Gosh. This time. This season. This busy life. I feel like it is spent being Martha. Rushing to make sure the work is done. Stressed about the schedule. Worried about appearance.

I have to remind myself that yes, I am called to demonstrate my faith through my works. But I can’t neglect my faith and solely focus on the works. I can’t neglect getting in His word or talking to Him.

Yes, there is beauty in Martha, there is a time to be Martha, there is value in Martha, I am called to hospitality like Martha, and there are times when work is appropriate.

But there are times—there are moments—when we need to be like Mary and “chose what is best.” Mary prioritized and made time to sit at the feet of Jesus even when there was work to be done.

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Remember where your focus should be.

Remember to take a break from the work and sit in silence at His feet.

Remember to open your home, even if it’s not planned, and enjoy time with those who are present.

Remember to fill yourself up with His word so you can pour it out to others.

Let’s strive to open our doors and our hearts like Martha—but also hit pause while we sit at His feet like Mary.

(Find Mary and Martha’s story in Luke 10:38-42.)

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page

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Ashley Bufe

Ashley Bufe is a Jesus lovin' wife and momma of 4 energetic boys. She blogs at in hopes that she can uplift and inspire other mommas to let them know that they are special and chosen by God to be momma. And that they are doing a great job! Be sure to find her on Facebook and Instagram.  

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