To the person waiting on the doctor,

I’ve been there, I know you’re frustrated and ready to leave. The flu and cold season is upon us and the last thing you want to do is spend extra time in the doctor’s office. The nurse called you back and did your vitals and now you sit and wait. And wait…and wait! I want to tell you I’m sorry. No one wants to wait around and we all have other things happening in our lives. But please, take a moment and think about what might be keeping the doctor from quickly getting into your room.

Before I had my daughter, I felt the way you probably do. I would get frustrated, even angry when the doctor didn’t make it into my room shortly after the nurse left. Wasn’t my time valuable? Then I had my beautiful baby girl! It has not been the easiest road. She was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome and congenital heart defects. She was hospitalized for the first month of her life and then we spent the next year spending our time in different doctor’s offices. Some were easy quick visits, while others we sat and discussed at length what the next steps were we needed take to keep our little monkey healthy.

I want to say I’m sorry. We could have been the reason the doctor took longer getting into your room. We were deciding if a feeding tube was needed or if we could just up the calories in her milk. Other times we taking extra vitals to make sure her heart was still functioning properly. Plus, there were many times her doctor squeezed us in when she was full because of her health status.

I’m sorry because I have been in your shoes. I know how frustrating it can be! I know you have other places to be and you or your little one are not feeling the best. I know that it is cold and flu season and the last place you want to be in around a bunch of other sick people. I know you are paying to see the doctor also. I am just asking to take a moment and think about what might be holding the doctor up. There might be a little one with some serious health conditions that need extra time to discuss their next steps. There might be a woman who has gone into labor and they are getting her ready to head to the hospital. There might be an elderly person who fell and only trusts her own doctor and that doctor was kind enough to squeeze them in.

As you sit there waiting, take a deep breath and know the doctor will see you shortly. Even if it isn’t as shortly as you would like! Enjoy the quiet, especially if you are parent there on your own! If taking a little one in, bring some toys and busy items to help delay the meltdown from being stuck in a tiny room too long. And best of all, tell the doctor thank you when they make it into the room. They may not have made it in as quickly as they would have liked, but know the well-being of their patients is their number one responsibility.



A Mom Who Has Been In Your Shoes

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Christy Margritz

Born and raised in central Nebraska, Christy lives in Kearney with her husband, daughter, son, and two dogs. She is a preschool teacher with a passion for worship. Some of Christy’s favorite things include singing, dancing, watching movies, or reading a good book. Most days you can find her dancing and singing with her daughter and son!