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Gathering my kids for morning Bible study has become our family’s cornerstone, a time not just for spiritual growth but for real, hearty conversations about life, courage, and making a difference. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours.

My oldest, who’s 11, is at that age where he’s just beginning to understand the weight of his actions and decisions. He’s eager, yet unsure, about his ability to influence his world. It’s a big deal for him, and frankly, for me too. I want him to know, deeply know, that his choices matter, that he can be a force for good, just like the young heroes we read about in the Bible.

Let’s be honest though, not every kid is going to be excited to learn about the Bible. It can feel boring or forced. Nonetheless, I truly believe studying characters and stories in the Bible helps our kids see reflections on their journeys, grounding their faith in real, lived experiences. That is why I felt it was so important, if not vital, to introduce them to kids in the Bible who have made an impact.

No matter the personality of your child, connecting with those who’ve navigated faith’s highs and lows can remind us that we’re part of a larger story of grace, resilience, and redemption. Through these narratives, we learn that faith is not just about believing—it’s about living out those beliefs, inspired by examples set millennia ago, making our spiritual journey deeply personal and universally shared.

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We picked five kids in the Bible and brought their stories to life. This really resonated with my kids, and I wanted to share our favorite talking points:

David (1 Samuel 17): His story is more than just a tale of triumph over Goliath. It has blossomed into our conversation about facing our own giants. It’s not the size of the stone but the strength of one’s faith that truly matters. We laugh, we cheer, and sometimes we sit in awe, pondering the courage of a young shepherd who dared to believe in the impossible.

Josiah (2 Kings 22:1-2): With the weight of a kingdom on his youthful shoulders, Josiah teaches us about responsibility and the courage to stand for what is right, even when it means going against the grain. His dedication to God’s law, at such a tender age, serves as a powerful reminder that leadership and righteousness have no minimum age requirement.

Miriam (Exodus 2:4-10): She was vigilant by the Nile River as she watched her baby brother float through the bulrushes. This has sparked discussions about the strength found in watching over each other. Her protective gaze over Moses becomes our call to be guardians of our brothers and sisters, to be brave, and to play our part in God’s plan for those we love.

Samuel (1 Samuel 3:1-21): He had an encounter with God in the stillness of night, and it has opened our eyes to the importance of listening, truly listening, to the whispers of guidance that beckon us toward our purpose. His story is a gentle nudge to remain open, attentive, and ready to respond to the call, no matter how unexpected it might be.

Little Servant Girl (2 Kings 5:1-3): Although nameless, this little girl’s bravery in speaking truth to power, underscores the impact of our words and actions. Her story is a testament to the fact that even the smallest voice can lead to monumental change, reminding us that courage and kindness know no bounds.

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These stories are like holding up a mirror, showing us that grace is real and God’s always in our corner, never throwing in the towel. I can tell them bedtime prayers and remind them that Jesus loves them, but the practical application they gain by hearing young faith heroes resonates in a special way.

Setting aside time for these stories isn’t just about learning; it’s about connecting dots to a bigger faith family who’ve been there, done that. It reminds us it’s not about being perfect but staying true. And seeing these faith giants in action? It’s the best kind of nudge for my kids to make choices that are cool with God. It’s pretty awesome to think we’re all part of this huge, ongoing story where everyone gets to play a part.

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