Ultimate Closet

We can barely contain our excitement when the temperature starts to rise above 50 degrees for any extended period of time as we begin to shed our winter coats and emerge into the fresh new world of spring time. For most of us, we are looking for ANY excuse to wear open-toe shoes or those pretty pastel colors that have been shamed in our closet for months. Well, just in time for this week’s warm forecast, get a head start on spring with the perfect mix of pretty pieces that will take you through to summer. 

For Spring 2015- focus on lightweight layers in white, blue, and pastels. Neutral footwear in nude, brown, and cognac are a welcome respite from the cold months of black at are now behind us. Long tunics, jackets, & sweaters feel fresh when balanced with lean silhouettes or cropped under pinnings. And luckily, footbed sandals (think Birkenstock styles), sleek loafers, and slip-on sneakers are making a fashion-forward comeback that we can LIVE in!

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Leah Dunklau-Scheppers

Remember when you were a child and your mother would lay out your outfit the night before? All you had to do was get up, brush your teeth (and your hair if she was lucky), throw on the pieces she chose and run out the door! Wouldn't it be great if there was someone who did this for you as an adult? Well, you're in luck! As a wardrobe stylist and personal shopper, I work with individual clients to create the perfect wardrobe. Yes, I shop for a living! And while the daily challenge to select a collection of "perfect" pieces can be daunting, it is absolutely something I love to do. Each client brings a new challenge- one I am happy to take on and bring out their personal style and make the inner beauty match the outside. And now, I am very excited to bring this vast style knowledge to HVFH! Stay tuned for all things fashion!