Your father came home with a huge smile on his face after taking you and your brothers to the mall, so I could have a few quiet moments to myself.

At first, I thought his smile was because he loves his family and life so much. Then he said, “Just wait until I tell you what happened to your daughter!”


Usually when your father says something like that, and he’s laughing, it was either really bad or really hilarious.

He told me you were holding his hand and held tightly onto your brother, so you wouldn’t lose each other. 

You caught a young man’s eye, about seven years old I believe (a little too old for you at your tender age of five). 

He locked eyes with you, tried to smile and get your attention, and when you smiled back at him he tripped over a store mannequin and completely fell flat on his face.

His mother and grandmother were there to help their boy, while they laughed with him at this sweet moment, and Dad said you waved and made sure he was OK.

You’re beautiful, my dear daughter. You were gifted in this way. 

But there is something you need to know.

Beauty doesn’t come from your deep blue eyes or flawless skin. 

Although the media will tell you about the clothes you need to wear, and the food you need to eat, there will be days when you’re going to hate your body or something about yourself.

I never want you to base your worth on your looks alone. As your mother, I can promise you your body is going to change about a thousand times, even after you have children. This is part of life, and all you can do is love these moments and yourself.

However, I want to share with you how you can be truly beautiful, forever.

Beauty comes from the smile you’re always wearing and, in your willingness, to share with others. You’re beautiful as I watch you cuddle with your younger brothers on the couch and read books with them.

You’re beautiful when you gently touch the small of my back as I’m hiding in the kitchen because your brothers screaming for the day has me crying. You ask me if I’m OK.

Beauty is an act, rather than our looks. It’s being able to stir something within another person, a realization or a feeling that they’re someone worthwhile.

You do this as you take the time to be a friend to the lonely. To say hello to someone you don’t know. To reach down so you can lift another person up. 

And above all, to wrap your arms around someone and let them know they’re not alone in this crazy world. 

True beauty comes from years of selfless service and sharing this love with others. And your beauty only grows with each act of love.

There will be many young men who will cross your path, and I’m sure they’ll run into a few things again when you smile at them too. 

But I want you to remember your value doesn’t come from your looks but is embedded in your heart. And the more you share this with those around you, the more beautiful you will become.

Micah Klug

Micah Klug loves being a mother and helping other women love their home, faith and family by living simply without losing their quality of life or sanity. She writes at where you can download your free marriage ebook, “Love Again: 100+ Conversation Questions to Strengthen Your Relationship.”