Being a mom on social media is such an awesome thing, am I right? We get to connect with other moms, share stories and pictures, and even make lifelong friends! However, there is the dark side of being a mom sharing your life on social media… mom shaming.

This has become quite a hot topic lately as the mean moms get meaner and the nice moms knit closer to one another. I have not yet been (and hopefully never will be) targeted but I have seen so many wonderful mothers deal with this.

I tried to find a clear definition of “mom shaming” but, to my surprise, there was nothing to be found! Even the trusty Urban Dictionary had nothing under “mom shaming” or “mommy shaming.” How strange that not even Urban Dictionary has poked fun at or defined the phrase considering what an up and coming issue it is!

Are we trying to sweep it under the rug in the outside world but scream it on the rooftops in the mom community? Whatever the case is, mom shaming has become a real issue.

I am sure you have seen it and it you have not, you are lucky. It needs to end, so here are some ideas of what to do instead of mom shaming! (online or off)

  1. DON’T type that nasty Facebook or Instagram comment-

DO make a post about how grateful you are for your own family.


  1. DON’T gossip about how another mom dresses their child-

DO share with friends about that awesome deal you got on that onesie!


  1. DON’T make a nasty remark about what her child said or did during playtime-

DO look at how you live and make sure it is something you would want your child mirroring.


You get the idea?

Buy an adult coloring book, take your kids to the park and breathe the fresh air, zone out to your favorite music, watch a Disney movie! I am just about certain that there are endless amounts of things you should do before mom shaming!

Can I share a secret with you? We are just a bunch of ladies trying to figure out how to do this whole mom thing. There is no one size fits all model, no instruction manual, and can I tell you something else? We are all doing a pretty good job.

These little humans running around are pretty great kids. That is because of you mama. Sure, we all have our off days. That does not change the fact that we are a group of rockin’ mamas.

So next time you start to judge that mom in the grocery isle for not getting organic, next time you think about telling that mom on the other side of the screen that her kid watches too much television, or next time you begin gossiping about that mom in play group that never puts her kid in matching socks, just remember. We are all figuring this out.

There is enough bad in the world, we could use some more good. Of all people, we need our band of mamas.

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Savanna Monroy

Savanna was born and raised in Utah. She lives there still, but now with her amazing husband and baby girl. Savanna is currently working and blogging while fulfilling her favorite duties of being a wife and mom. You can follow her journey as she advocates for normality for young mothers at