The other day, my 5 year old spent the entire afternoon and most of the evening outside on my parent’s farm.

Without many clothes on.

I seemed to have a memory lapse (or maybe I just enjoyed watching her play without any reservations). Regardless, I forgot to get out the bug spray.

The result? Over 20 bites.

 Poor thing. The next day we found mosquito bite after mosquito bite all over her tiny body. I felt awful. 

So I asked you guys what to do.



Here’s the specific list of tips from you all from our Facebook page:  

  • If they’re really driving the kid crazy, I know this sounds terrible, but, if you can get some, use just a dab of Proctosol (prescription). I get terrible bites and this only needs applied twice a day for me! Even high-level cortisone doesn’t help me!
  • Adding baking soda to bath water helps a lot too.
  •  Dermaplast spray
  • Dry Bar soap. Dove soap moisturizes and helps. Rub soap on each bite. I’m uber allergic.
  • hydrocortizone cream!!!!!
  • You can use the inside peel of a banana. Or use Benadryl.
  • Florida has these horrible little bugs that the bite itches worse than mosquitoes — aloe vera gel stopped the itch
  • We use calamine lotion or the skeeter stick
  • This sounds crazy, but a paste of meat tenderizer & baking soda put on a Band-Aid work great on itchy bites.
  • Dab of dish soap on each one seems to help with itching and swelling.
  • A paste of baking soda–or a dab of vodka.
  • Ambesol works pretty well…sounds crazy, I know.
  •  Soak him in warm epsom salt bath(apple cidar vinegar works great too), give him benadryl and if you have or know somebody with a fresh aloe plant that works great otherwise Ive found benadryl gel or stick are the best 2nd option! My son is allergic and swells really bad and that’s whay doctor recommended that Ive found works best!
  •  Toothpaste or rubbing alcohol.
  •  Oatmeal bath for itch relief
  •  Benadryl anti itch cream. Also my husband aunt recommended Aloe Vera. I’ve heard vanilla will repel them.
  • I know how she feels! I’m the one that attracts all the mosquitos. A cool bath, maybe with epsom salts and/or oatmeal will help with the itch. I have used apple cider vinegar, vodka (or another alcohol, it’s the alcohol that works) on a bandaid, and mentholatum in the past. I like that I can apply them as often as needed. if there are any that are super itchy, an ice pack helps.
  •  After bite. They have it in regular or kid strength. Works well. It can be found at target or Walmart by mosquito medicine.
  • Chiggerex
  •  Vinegar…..might sting at first, but it works pretty well.
  • Nothing beats the old “home remedies”. Mix up a paste of baking soda and water. My granddaughters dubbed me a miracle worker when I did this.
  •  Ice works on the same nerves as itching in the skin. I’d try it after applying a cream mentioned below for the super itchy spots.
  • bar of dry soap and lavender oil
  • Aveeno has an oatmeal soothing bath scrub you could soak her in or Benadryl if it is a really bad reaction…otherwise, I just use those itchy pens or a good old-fashioned cold washcloth! hope she feels better soon!
  •  Don’t laugh, but try preparations H to bring down the swelling and an ice pack

Your response was fantastic.

We tried the banana peel, hydrocortizone cream, dry soap and a warm bath. The bath took away the major “itch” right away, the others did seem to help. Ella felt special to get so much attention on her bites and loved listening to all your tips.

Thank you so much for all your help!




And – we found a new ‘natural’ bug spray made in the Midwest.

Check it out here: 


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