It’s not always going to be this way. ⁣

You won’t always sit at a table with these faces looking back at you.

You won’t always be happy.
She won’t always be healthy.
You won’t always be sad.
He won’t always be sick.
You won’t always feel betrayed by how she prioritizes them over you.
You won’t always be the hero who saves the day.
You won’t always know what to say.
You won’t always be close.
You won’t always be estranged.
You won’t always win.
You won’t always lose.
You won’t always cry these same tears that keep showing up uninvited.
You won’t always miss him like you miss him this year.
You won’t always wish you could change how things turned out.
You won’t always get to hold her like you’re holding her today.
You won’t always get to say goodbye.
You won’t always get to make things right.

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You won’t always be treated justly.
Or appreciated.
Or respected.
Or loved.

You won’t always be angry.
Or addicted.
Or forgotten.
Or grieving.
Or hurt.

You won’t always feel like you’re feeding Judas.
You won’t always feel like you’re failing Jesus.

It won’t always be this way.

Because nothing is for always.

This is a season.
This is a moment.
And this, too, shall pass.

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You can always lift up your eyes to God.
You can always feel Him meet your gaze.

You can always laugh again.
Love again.
Forgive again.

You can always start again.
You can always find hope again.

Always will always change.

But Jesus always remains the same.

He is always there.
He is always waiting.
He is always forgiving.
He is always loving.
He is always compassionate.
He is always thinking how glad He was to have made you in His image.
He is always doting on you, the apple of His eye.
He is always talking to His Father about you.
He is always praying for you.
He is always guiding you.
He is always pointing you to what is best for you.
He is always everything you’ve ever wanted.
So always, always, ALWAYS hold on to Him.

Because no matter how good or bad life is, it’s always about to change. 

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Jessica Phillips

Jessica is a writer, speaker, Bible teacher, wife, and mom. Out of her own deeply examined experiences, she is able to speak with love, vulnerability, and authority about subjects that range from suicide, infertility, grief/loss, redemption, marriage, parenting, leadership, women in ministry, and women in leadership. In a world that tempts us to give up when the going gets hard, Jes encourages women to get going and to keep going!