I document your life in pictures. I do it for you. I do it for me. I do it because I want you to know I lived every memory. And loved every moment.

When you go back through the thousands of moments, I hope it sparks something deep inside of you. Something that perhaps your heart and mind had forgotten until that moment. And I hope that it makes you smile. 

I hope the memories flood and you remember how much each moment was cherished. 

I hope each giggle and secret that was shared with your sisters at that moment sparks to life.

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I hope each silly dance that elicited an eye roll or dance party sparks joy.

I hope that one day when you look at them, you see a life that was and is love.

You’ve brought a million different colors of love to life. A million different memories.  And while I can’t capture them all, I forever cherish them in my heart.

I document your life in pictures because I never want to forget.  

I never want to forget how small you were, how happy you were, how much imagination you and your sisters had, the impromptu stuffed animal birthday parties, the messes we made in the name of fun, the adventures we took, and a million other things.

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Yes, I document it all because I count the moments as a treasure. Treasure that passes too quickly.  Treasure I never want to forget that I got to have and hold.

I document it in pictures because I also know that one day, those memories will also be your treasure. One day when we’re not all here anymore, you’ll flip through and smile. Smile at the memories. Smile at the love.

And I hope in those moments, you’ll be grateful for a life that was captured in pictures. And that all the love and joy from those moments will surround you when you need it the most.

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