Look for the ones who remain.

When your story gets messy.

When your parents get sick.

When your family adds more babies.

Because the truth is, not everyone will stay.

When your truth makes people uncomfortable.

When you enter a season of healing.

When your family requires all of you.

The friends who stay by your side—over miles and quarantines and life interruptions—are the rarest of all treasures.

They will remind you of your worth.

They will remind you of your purpose.

And, most importantly, they will remind you to laugh.

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Because life is too precious and short to walk alone.

So God gives us sisters more precious than gold.

Hold them close.

And savor every single moment you share.

Originally published on Lauren Fortenberry—Writer

Look for the ones who remain.When your story gets messy.When your parents get sick.When your family adds more…

Posted by Lauren Fortenberry – Writer on Sunday, August 23, 2020

Lauren Fortenberry

Lauren Fortenberry is a passionate storyteller, educator, and mental health advocate, who has published and presented nationally and internationally on faith, motherhood, and children's health.