A fresh start, a chance for miracles.

Morning is where hope lives.

This is when the real work is done. Not the work you might get paid for but the job of building your soul. It’s the rare moments before life gets muddled and noisy and full of all the things that take your focus from caring for you, from hearing Him. And oh, how you need to hear Him.

“Cause me to hear your loving kindness in the morning, for in you I do trust.” (Psalm 143:8)

The morning is where we grow, it’s where we heal, it’s where we learn.

“He awakens me morning by morning he awakens my ear to listen like one being instructed.”(Isaiah 50:4)

Progress is found in the quite stillness of a brand new day. Through silence we hear so much more.

Night can’t compare. Too much has been said, done, left, an over abundance of residual noise. Simple exhaustion and gravity keep us from growing at the setting of the sun.

But growth abounds at sunrise.

“Therefore glorify the lord in the dawning light.” (Isaiah 24:15)

Ten minutes earlier one day. Pen and paper, bible and coffee and just wait. Find a place that makes you feel swaddled and cocooned in comfort. Focus on one spot or nothing at all and be still. He will come. And if you don’t hear Him, try again tomorrow. He is there; He just needs you to learn to listen.

“My voice you shall hear in the morning. In the morning I will direct it to you.” (Psalm 5:30)

Declare, Listen, Ask. Let Him shine through you.

“Then our light shall break forth like the morning.” (Isaiah 58:8)

You can’t do this all alone. This life is often too much. You fall into bed at night, depleted by kids, work, and relationships. We forget to ask for help. But He is waiting to step in. He is there at dawn looking to the horizon for you. Every day.

“God will help her at the break of day.” (Psalm 46:5)

He is ready the moment your eyes open and you tip toe to Him as a child on Christmas morning, eager for the excitement and miracles that come with a brand new day. If only you choose to wake and go!

“Awake, Awake put on your strength.” (Isaiah 52:1)

Your morning with God with give you the strength for another day.

Kerstin Lindquist

Kerstin Lindquist is a mom of three and the author of 5 Months Apart, a Story of Infertility, Faith and Grace and her forthcoming book; Where’s My Crown for Acting Like Everything is Fine? A Guide to Royally Surviving Life’s Waiting Periods. She is an award-winning broadcast news journalist and host at the leading national home shopping channel. Kerstin and her husband live with their three children, on a sunny hill in West Chester, Pennsylvania. She wears a tiara at home to stay sane. They spend their free time in warm climates – preferably with sand.