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Why I Wear Lipstick to Target

Why I Wear Lipstick to Target
Written by Annie Henriksen

OK, as a mom I have realized that we don’t have much control over what happens in my day. For example; the toddler might have a potty accident on your designer couch, the baby just threw up on you and you now have a soupy bra, and the dog is choking on a crayon that he thought looked delicious. No lie, this has happened to me, all at the same time.

We try our best as moms to put our best foot forward, however on most days we may fail.

I’m usually walking the aisles at Target wearing a sweater with a Cheerio stuck on the back, in my maternity jeans (six weeks post baby), and the bags under my eyes could be considered carry on suit cases they are so big. Not my best look.

It’s hard as a mom to feel sexy or put together. Especially post baby. We no longer feel comfortable in our bodies and we are always putting others’ needs ahead of our own.

Before kids, I was always put together perfectly. Hair curled and styled, makeup flawlessly applied, I wear suits and dresses to work on a daily basis. Now I feel dressed up when I change out of yoga pants into jeans.

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom, however I have realized that my own needs have fallen – especially post baby, when you are still not back to your old body and so tired that bathing seems like a chore.

One recent Sunday morning, I got up early,  took a long hot shower, styled my hair, applied my makeup, and wrestled my self into my pre-baby dress clothes before church. On the way to church, at a red light, I dug in the diaper bag for some chapstick. I came up with the lipstick I threw in there a few weeks prior for my sister’s wedding. I threw that on instead.

It amazes me how just the simple act of applying lipstick made me feel human again. I felt like I could handle the challenges of wrestling the kids during church.  I didn’t care that the baby threw up on me again, or that the toddler was running wild at the grocery store after church.

My lipstick, which I rarely wore pre-kids, was my superhero cape. It gave me confidence once again. I felt human, put together, fearless. I felt feminine again, sexy, and even a little frisky.

With lipstick on I started to feel dressed up even on my trips to Target. I may be sporting my yoga pants and my t-shirt with crusty spit up on the shoulder, but I felt more put together.

It amazes me how a simple act of applying a color tube of self-confidence helped me feel human again!

About the author

Annie Henriksen

Annie Henriksen lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. She married her college sweetheart in an outdoor ceremony in thirty degree weather, just to keep things interesting. After a career in non-profit she was promoted to Stay-At-Home of her three year old daughter and one year old baby boy. She has a fresh perspective on parenting as a first time mom of an active toddler and one year old! She understands that every day as a parents will not be easy, but it’s about the laughter that fills the home that makes it worth it.

She believes family comes first on all fronts, and every day has its own challenges but you have to take them on one at a time.