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You are my reason.

You are the reason I get up each morning.

Even though my eyelids are as heavy as a five-ton truck.

Even though all I want is a sleep-in, a coffee, and breakfast in bed.

You are more important.

You need me.

For you, I would do anything.

You are the reason I am finally comfortable in my own skin.

Even though I am a size bigger than I used to be.

Even though my boobs cannot be described as “perky.”

You relied on my body.

You gave it purpose.

For you, I will always love it.

You are the reason I am no longer selfish.

Even though I sometimes complain that I don’t buy anything for myself anymore.

Even though I get annoyed when I don’t get enough alone time.

You have taught me there is more to life than just me.

Your needs come first right now.

For you, I happily come second.

You are the reason I now know the importance of patience.

Even though I sometimes miss the fast-paced life.

Even though I still get frustrated when I feel inefficient.

You need me to go at your pace.

You are the priority right now.

For you, I slow down.

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You are the reason I now have perspective.

Even though I don’t make the money I used to.

Even though I don’t have the level of mental stimulation I once had.

You are more important.

You need me.

For you, my career can wait.

You are the reason I worry more than ever.

Even though I know it won’t change anything.

Even though it’s not your fault.

You are precious.

You are vulnerable.

For you, I will worry forever.

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You are the reason I am now filled with gratitude.

Even though I get sad when things do not go my way.

Even though I sometimes lose sight of what I have.

You are my constant reminder that I am blessed.

You are the light at the end of every tunnel.

For you, everything is worth it.

You are the reason my heart is full.

Even though I love your dad more than you can ever imagine.

Even though I am grateful for our life before you.

You have shown me a love like no other.

You are remarkable.

For you, my heart explodes.

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Emma Heaphy

Emma Heaphy is a qualified lawyer turned stay-at-home mother of two and author from New Zealand. Her book “Dear Motherhood” is a collection of real, raw and romantic poetry and prose on the big little love story that is early motherhood. You can find her book and other musings of hers via her Instagram (@wordsof_emmaheaphy) and Facebook (@wordsofemmaheaphy) pages.

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