Little girl,

Sometimes, you have a hard time finding your place. You joined our family at seven. You were so sweet but so unsure.

There are ways you’re growing . . . changing . . . grieving . . . struggling. and we don’t always know how to help. 

However, we listen, we talk, and we reach out to people who know more than we do.

Despite all you are going through, there is a strength that always rises to the top.

You are funny.

And you find the comedy in everything around you. 

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You’re such a practical joker, and the fact that you haven’t yet perfected the art adds to the humor.

The way you heckle your brothers and sisters is priceless.

When you put those hands on your hips and that big grin spreads across your face, you light up the room.

You’re storytellingthe way you can’t hold in the giggles when the funny part is comingis so joy-inducing. 

You and your shenanigans are loved dearly and constantly by all your brothers and sisters. No one can be or stay angry with you.

This makes you very unique in this home. 

You’re a delight to the littles and such merriment for the older ones.  

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You are the cohesive bond that lightens all members of the family simultaneously when things feel heavy.

In your short life, little girl, you’ve been through a lot. You must be careful not to hide the pain behind the laughter.

We know you’re walking through it, though. With the help of God, your family, and others, you’re fleshing it out.

You’re strong and resilient that way.

I believe He gave you that beautiful gift of hilarity, though. And I pray you paint the town with it for the rest of your life. 

Your momma will always be your willing and enraptured audience. 

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Crystal Fulmer

I am a mother of three biological children and an adopted sibling set of three, a homeschooler, a pastor's wife, a former teacher, and a group-home houseparent. I am a trauma and mental illness survivor. I love to write for encouragement, and I've been finally been convinced to write and publish a book, The Grace of Getting Up, now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, and Westbow Press online bookstore. Please join me on this journey on FB or insta @thegraceofgettingup.

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