You lie peacefully cuddled up against my freshly new C-section scar. 

A C-section was definitely not part of the plan. I wanted this birth to be different. I wanted to have you without medication or needles. I wanted this last pregnancy to end with a birth I would remember. Oh, will I also remember this one too though! 

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You, baby girl, arrived via emergency C-section with the cord around your neck. Despite the worry and trauma, you are perfect! A perfectly healthy 7-pound little girl. My last baby. 

This was the last time I would feel tiny movements as my belly swelled and gained more stripes. 

The last time I would get emotional seeing my newborn for the first time.

The last time I would feel that overwhelming connection with the first little latch as I breastfed during our first skin-to-skin moments. 

The last time I would get to go shopping for the tiniest of baby clothes and the softest blankets I could find. 

I am sad to have finished this chapter, but baby girl you will have so many firsts.

I am looking forward to your first words, first steps, and first bites of food. All I ask is that we don’t rush these things, baby girl. I know how fast it will fly by, and I vow to slow down and cherish each of your first and my last baby milestones.

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We are in this together little one. With many emotions, I will sit here and watch you sleep, taking in every second. 

Beth Bacon

My name is Beth Bacon. I have been married for 11 years and am the mom to six wonderful children. We grew our family by adoption and by having three biologically. My passions are homeschooling my children, writing, and gardening. Without my love and faith for our LORD, I would not be where I am today.