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A mom’s job is not to plan, shop, and cook.

A mom’s job is to nourish with love.

A mom’s job is not changing diapers, bathing, fixing wounds, and scheduling appointments. 

A mom’s job is to care, soothe, hold, comfort, keep healthy and safe with love.

A mom’s job is not to be perfect, to look perfect, or to be superhuman.

A mom’s job is so much more.

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A mom’s job is to laugh, play, tickle, giggle with love.

A mom’s job is to be present in the moment, validate feelings, and teach life lessons with love.

A mom’s job is to demonstrate how to love, how to accept love, and just be the love that completely surrounds your kids at all times, all stages, and all ages.

Simple as that.

All the rest of the things are distractions from the most important mom job, which is to love unconditionally. 

Remember this when you are awake all night, exhausted in the afternoon, and drinking cold coffee. Remember this when you have constant company in the bathroom, go days without showering, and feel like you are doing everything wrong.

When you’re lying in bed at night, thinking about all that you didn’t get done or that you will have to do tomorrow, remember a mom’s job is of the heart.

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It cannot be measured as checkmarks on a to-do list. It can only be felt. It often gets overlooked, but it is the most important job in the world. It’s all love.

A mom’s job is so much more. Remember this! You only have one job . . . and that is love.

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I’m Ashley Ganser, founder of Be Purely Well, LLC and The Organic Energy Method. I am a busy working mom and health coach with a decade of experience practicing clinical medicine. After struggling with my own "mom fatigue," I created my company to support other tired moms to naturally boost their energy levels so they can THRIVE instead of just survive.

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