I don’t know about all of you, but the whole “Spring Cleaning” concept, well, it SOOO did not happen this year.



Absolutely no deep tidying [whatsoever]. It’s not that I didn’t want to; that time of year just came and went before I could even say, “dust bunny.” But I’ve got a game plan now AND you are ALL invited to . . .


Yep, starting this Friday [September 20th] on my lifestyle blog, Lucky Little Mustardseed, I am going to “Fall Forward” for two weeks and get über ready for the upcoming three months of holiday extravaganza-ness! AND YOU CAN TOO! I will break down this large project into smaller, more manageable ones, so we can all be “Martha Stewart” goddesses in our own homes.

“Life is denied by the lack of attention, whether it be to cleaning windows or trying to write a masterpiece.“ – Nadia Boulanger

All you will need is gumption, a small notebook with many blank pages, a pen [duh], and whatever cleaning supplies you fancy. So, head on over to Lucky Little Mustardseed on Friday for all the details 😉 I will be there to hold your hand the entire way. In fact, you can even email me with your game plan or any questions, comments, or concerns at Jenna@luckylittlemustardseed.com. We can ALL be prepared for “the most wonderful time of the year!” [Seriously.]

Happy cleaning, y’all!

Jenna Carlson

Jenna is a Nebraskan transplant living in sunny San Diego, California. She is farm-raised, corn-fed, and knows more than she cares to admit about making a mean mud pie. Before moving out West in Spring of 2009, Jenna earned two music degrees from the University of Nebraska at Kearney while playing “on-air” host for Central Nebraska’s FOX affiliate, Fox 4 & 17. She’s filled the past four years of her life with small office jobs, auditions galore, and a few booked gigs. Along the way, though, Jenna learned some tough lady lessons about herself, falling out of love, and how to keep the happy/creative side to life. Now with her classically handsome boyfriend (yep, Cupid found her again) and their three, four-legged kids, she’s a part-time actor, full-time upholsterer, and witty blogger of Lucky Little Mustardseed: A Truthful Evolution of Self, Happiness, & Everything Creative in Between. Oh, and she loves oversized PJ’s. She does. She really, really does.