I’m sick of it.

Seriously – I’m really, truly, 100% Sick. Of. It.

Why do we hate on ourselves? Why, when we talk about ourselves, are the majority of words that come out of our mouths negative and self-destructive? Why do we measure ourselves to a completely ridiculous air-brushed “standard” that society has set? Why can we not see the unique, God-given, and awe-inspiring beauty that resides in each of us? Why can’t we just start LOVING OURSELVES and embrace the bodies that we have?

Aren’t you sick of it too?

Let me back up a little bit. Lately I have been increasingly overhearing women talk extremely critically and negatively about their bodies. Perhaps the influx of these comments is due to the recent diets and exercise plans that always follow the New Year or perhaps I’ve just become super sensitive and am more aware than ever before. Anyway – it’s been bothering me (obviously).

Our society has done such a terrible injustice to women. We are constantly bombarded with “picture-perfect” women who show no signs of cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, crooked teeth, or any other random blemish one can find fault with. However, these images we are flooded with are a complete and utter lie – no one, and I mean no one, actually looks that good. Then we start comparing ourselves to these awful lies and we start finding fault where there is beauty.

And there is beauty there. I know this because God made us in His divine and perfect image and God doesn’t screw up. He knit you together and He molded you with His holy hands.

Can you just soak that in for a moment? Just rest in the peace that He knew what He was doing when He made you.

Believe me… if you are sitting there saying, “But Danell – I’m xx lbs over weight and I’ve got dark circles under my eyes and things jiggle that shouldn’t jiggle and…” I get it. I really do. But I want to encourage you and challenge you to change your focus to what is wonderful about you like..

  • the way your smile can light up a room
  • how the color of your eyes reminds people of the sea
  • how your arms are so strong that they can carry two children at once and not even break a sweat
  • how your freckles give you character
  • how that gap in your teeth is actually quite charming

I know it’s hard to change your perspective on your body. I’ve been on a journey over the last 4 years of learning how to love the unique body that God designed for me – it’s been rough and infuriating at times, and while I occasionally slip back into destructive language, I have finally realized that my body is not going to look like so-and-so’s and it doesn’t have to. I’ve learned to enjoy what’s beautiful about me. To tell you the truth, it’s been liberating.

Can you just try something for me? The next time you hear yourself saying or thinking something negative about body, can you stop for a moment and think about one wonderful thing about yourself? Even if it’s that you like your slender fingers or that you’re having an awe-some hair day – it’s a start.

Let’s begin to reverse this awful mindset that society has drilled into us and let’s start rejoicing in the things that make us special and uniquely beautiful.


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