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Can I tell you about my husband?

He’s amazing. He’s kind and doting and loves Jesus, but perhaps his most endearing trait is the absolutely incredible father he is. 

In our early days of dating, he was crippled by the fear of what type of father he would be. To him, fatherhood was burdensome, grumbling, abandonment, and fighting for the final dollar during tax season.

His experience as a son crippled his anticipation as a father. 

But I knew it all along—what an incredible dad he would be. Although I must admit, he has often far surpassed what I even dreamed. 

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He picked out a shirt to match our son’s T-ball uniform for opening day. He agreed to parent-toddler dance classes on the days I work. He is the ultimate man. The guy you want in your corner when parenting is tough. He can be firm but so soft. He is easily melted by the soft whimper of our daughter. He’s bent over in laughter over the antics of our preschooler.

He’s paving the way where there was no way. And he’s doing amazing. 

So as Father’s Day approaches, if you find yourself perusing the card aisle looking for something that resembles truth or if you’re quick to assess your failures and not your successes, this is for you.  

You are doing amazing. 

You are redefining fatherhood for an entire generation. 

Because of you, your children will not fear fatherhood. Because of you, your children will understand that manhood comes with both strength and softness. Because of you, abandonment is a thing of the past and presence is what really counts.

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You became an amazing dad despite the dad before you. You are paving a new path in uncharted territory. 

And you’re doing amazing. 

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