I’m only a little boy, still too young to tie my own shoes or make my own breakfast. My days are filled with playtime, snacks, lots of hugs from Mommy, and plenty of tickles from you, Daddy.

Right now, my life revolves around me and you and Mommy. I don’t know much about the world outside our home yet. I haven’t learned about responsibility or self-discipline or sacrifice. I haven’t had to find my place in the world yet.

But I guess I’m pretty lucky because even though you may not know it, you’ve already begun teaching me everything I need to know to be a good man in today’s world.

See, I’m watching you, Daddy, and I’m learning so much.

I watch you hold the door for Mommy and treat her like she’s really special. (I think she is pretty special too.) I see you make time for your own parents and siblings and friends no matter what else is going on in your life. I see you go to work every day, and Mommy says you work really hard to take good care of us.

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And even though you have a job you love, I can tell you love me and Mommy more.  You make time every day to wrestle with me and take me on walks and give me baths at night. I hear you talk about trusting that God has a good plan for our family. I hear you pray before meals, and you tell me Jesus loves me. 

You cheer really loud for your sports teams, you make lots of silly faces and sounds, and you do a lot of fun things with me like building forts and taking me out for ice cream.

You like to have fun, and I do too! 

You’re teaching me how to be gentle and kind, how to be patient, how to be strong and tough, how to be honest, and how to take good care of the things I love but especially, the people I love.

You may think I’m just a little boy who doesn’t see past the toys in front of me, but I see all of it, Daddy. I see how you treat the people around you. I watch how you react when things don’t go your way. I hear the kinds of words you say.

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Even when you don’t know it, I’m learning so much from you. And I love to copy you! Because you’re my role model, Daddy. 

And I think I’m pretty lucky that I get to learn how to be a man from a good man like you.

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