Growing up, I don’t remember a game or event without someone there cheering me on in the stands—and now I understand the sacrifice parents put in, for their kids.

To a high school kid, it may seem unappreciated—but later? Later they’ll understand.

And someday you’ll get that “thanks for being there” you deserve.

So to the parents who are in the whirlwind of miles spent behind the wheel after long days of work or the missed activity they so wanted to be at but couldn’t—you’re seen.

To the parents rushing from event to event, sometimes multiple ones in a day, you’re appreciated.

To the parents who drop off that forgotten knee pad or get the “I brought the wrong jersey” phone call—thank you.

For every combine stopped, every personal day used, and every sibling packed up for the afternoon game, your patience is admirable.

For every Subway sandwich bought, every bag of popcorn eaten for supper with a side of bleacher butt, every 11 p.m. arrival at home just to do it all again in a couple of days.

We see you.

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And sometimes hearing, “Oh, and Dad, we need just one more team t-shirt please,” or, “Uh, Mom, that team meal is tomorrow . . .  sorry I just told you tonight you are supposed to bring the spaghetti.”

This time is precious, busy, exhausting and so much fun. Yet it keeps flying by so, so fast.

Keep going, you’re doing great and you are so needed.

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From every student athlete/activity kid around, today or in the past . . .

Thank you. 

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Growing up I don’t remember a game or event without someone there cheering me on in the stands and now I understand the…

Posted by Our Blessed Mess on Thursday, September 17, 2020

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