Being a mom is a hard job. Moms are working more hours and juggling more duties than ever. Being a mom is one of my most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. Each day I see great moms, even though I think most moms think they are failing! These moms are trying to give their best to their kids whether it’s running them to activities, cooking nutritious meals, or giving hugs when a toddler scrapes her knee on the sidewalk.

With so much pressure on being a “great mom” it’s important to remember that it doesn’t cost money to be a great mom, it’s not about the clothes you wear, or what you drive. Being a mom is how we act with our children, how we react to our children’s problems, and how we deal with problems involving our kids.

Here are 10 simple ways to be a great mom:

  1. Show unconditional love to your child. There is no greater feeling than knowing that someone loves you no matter what. Great moms show their children that even though they might be angry with them when they misbehave, they will always love them. When your child knows that you love him whether he’s an athlete, or gets straight A’s or has a passion that is something completely different from your own, he can flourish and be the child God created him to be.
  2. Listen to your child. Families are constantly on the go but children need to know that when they have something to say, that you are available and that you will listen. By stopping what you are doing to listen to what your child is telling you, lets your child know that she is important and matters to you.
  3. Pay attention. If you want to have as strong relationship with your child, you will have to give your child the attention she deserves. Relationships take time and effort! When you give your child attention, she feels loved and valued. One tip to help give your child the time she needs are to put the smart phone away for an hour in the evening and focus on family only. Another tip is if you are busy, tell your child that after I finish this task, can we sit down and talk about this?
  4. Have Rules! Even though they’d probably never admit it, kids like to know their limits. Within those boundaries are where they can experience freedom and learn to be independent with being in danger or getting in trouble. Being clear and consistent with your rules and soon enough your child will know them on his own!
  5. Quit comparing! Having twins, I’ve seen firsthand the damage comparison can do. “Are you the smart one, the small one, the artsy one or the naughty one” are all things I’ve heard people ask them. It’s disheartening watching their expressions after getting asked these questions. Love your child for her uniqueness.
  6. Encourage your child to try new things. What are your favorite passions? What would have happened if your parents never let you try those activities? Kids need to try new experiences to learn what they love, what they don’t and each time they try something new, they learn about themselves!
  7. Let mistakes happen. Parents (including myself) want to rescue our kids from letting anything bad happen to them. Without mistakes we never learn how to grow. It’s hard watching our children fall, but when they do it’s our job to help them pick up the pieces and learn from the experience.
  8. Let your child be a child. In other words, don’t have your child worried about the family’s finances, your marital problems, and the other problems we grown ups face. Kids are only small for a short time and their innocence needs protected!
  9. Teach your child how to work. There are many high school graduates that are heading off to college that don’t have basic life skills such as how to cook a meal or balance a check book. As parents we all want our children to be happy and successful in life and teaching our children good work habits is just one way to do that.
  10. Take care of yourself. Children learn a lot from their mom. If you take care of yourself and make that a priority, your children will learn that it’s important for them to do so as well. If you need ideas, each month I provide a free self-care calendar on my blog Women With Intention.

What areas of being a mother do you struggle with? Let’s help encourage one another in our parenting journey!


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