Not long ago, I watched the new movie, Wonder Woman. Needless to say, I left the theatre feeling inspired and freshly motivated to be a little more courageous, a little more compassionate, a little more selfless, and a little more of the following:

10 Ways to be a Real Life Wonder Woman


  1. Be DILIGENT: As a young child, Diana longs to learn the art of combat. Antiope, her aunt, also touted as the greatest warrior in the history of the Amazons, personally mentors Diana, vowing that the princess would be trained harder than any Amazon before her. Antiope stays true to her promise as Diana is put through vigorous training from youth and into adulthood. It is indisputable that the little girl called Diana had every tool inside of her to become great, but it was her diligence and her tireless work ethic that allowed her to develop into the incredible warrior that is later deemed Wonder Woman.


A real wonder woman takes care of what she’s been given. She is hard working and committed to perfecting her craft. Ladies, you have to exercise the gifts God has entrusted you with in order for your birthright to come to fruition. It will always take work, but the work is worth it. Like Wonder Woman, your passion and purpose is often discovered through the hard stuff, and the more you work to develop your gifts, the more you can use those special skills to live a life of strength, courage and service to others.


  1. Be a WARRIOR: Wonder Woman’s character is the princess of the Amazons. She is a fiercely trained warrior, with the fighter spirit running through her veins. She cannot passively stand by in the face of injustice. In fact, everything within this woman tells her that she must fight… fight to save the world.


You are called to be a warrior. You are called to war against evil, oppression, and injustice. You are called to battle as teachers, encouragers, servants and intercessors. You are called to stand your ground and wield your sword and shield. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, you are here for a special purpose and to be a part of an epic battle. The spirit of a warrior resides in you.


  1. Be STEADFAST: As Diana prepares to leave the island of Themyscira, her mother, Queen Hippolyta, comes on the scene. The queen is both deeply saddened and greatly disappointed that her beloved daughter has chosen to leave home— to leave safety, security, and the only family she’s ever known. Despite her mother’s feelings of disapproval, Diana remains steadfast. The princess is unwavering in her pursuit of what she feels called to do, making her decision based on truth, and not on how others feel about her decision. Having confident assurance in her purpose to end all wars, she knows that she must go.


There is an extraordinary plan for your life and it is imperative that you follow your calling and stay true to your convictions— especially in the face of adversity. There are a million obstacles that will try and get in the way of you fulfilling your purpose—fear, comfort, and confusion to name a few. But remember that your destiny is intrinsically linked to your willingness to live both purposefully and intentionally. Press on, Sister. Press on with boldness, obedience and confidence, refusing to allow your feelings or fear to dictate your faith. If your spirit says go, GO!


  1. Be BRAVE: “No Man’s Land” is perhaps one of the most significant scenes in the entire movie. It is when we watch Diana wrestle with the wrong she sees. Trevor says to her,“We can’t save everyone in this war… It’s not what we are here to do.” The princess responds, “You’re right. But it’s what I am going to do.” Diana can’t keep walking and ignoring the suffering around her any longer. In that moment, she bravely steps out from the safety of the bunkers, and faces the enemy head-on, fighting off bullet after bullet after bullet. It is in this moment that Wonder Woman is truly born.

Ladies, sometimes you’re asked to pursue the battle, instead of run from it, to fearlessly press forward in the face of danger and uncertainty, to be the one that says, “Someone must do something, and it might as well be me.” There will come a time in every woman’s life when a decision must be made. Choose to be brave. Choose to lead. Choose to walk toward your purpose, no matter how daunting, believing your circumstances will be used to show you what’s inside of you.


  1. Be COMPASSIONATE: Wonder Woman is undoubtedly one of the most caring and kindhearted members of the Justice League. She is innately compassionate, and her genuine concern for others is brightly painted throughout the entire film. Diana understands that compassion means taking action, and thus she never stops seeing or helping the innocent and the vulnerable. Moreover, she never engages an enemy for the sake of war, but always with saving others in mind. When Wonder Woman sees people being mistreated and enslaved, nothing can get in the way of her doing what she knows is right—fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.


It has been said that true change only happens in the presence of compassion. You were made to be ferociously kindhearted and to fight for others with love and compassion as your compass. A real “wonder woman” cares about those in pain and suffering. She chooses to bear burdens, to advocate for the oppressed, the orphan, the widow, and the downtrodden. A real life “superhero” is someone who recognizes that compassion means being “for” individuals, communities, and nations, and walking alongside them in the hard times.

  1. Be HUMBLE: One of the most striking of Diana’s qualities is her humility. If superpower doesn’t warrant enough bragging rights on its own, the princess is also a super nice, super gorgeous, super genius! If anyone has a reason to gloat, it is Wonder Woman. Yet, Diana never displays arrogance or entitlement, and only reveals her abilities when they’re needed for good—never as a way of showing off or asserting power. Wonder Woman is also seen throughout the film encouraging others, giving out compliments, and sporting a “we did it” team-player mentality.


Resist gaining your identity and legitimacy through what you have, what you do, or how you look. It is never wise to place one’s worth in something that can be taken away. Do not go there, Girlfriend! Pride is a destructive path that elevates itself above others. Humility says to value others above oneself. It is the root of all virtue, wrapped in wisdom, and sealed with a life of honor. A real wonder woman is fully adorned with the beauty of humility.


  1. Be EQUIPPED: Before each epic battle scene, Diana strips off her cloak, and is ready to fight at the drop of a hat. She doesn’t need to exit stage left for a quick outfit change. She doesn’t need to retreat and regroup. She doesn’t need to double check that her armor is on, simply because it is always on. She was permanently prepared for the fight, beautifully suited with her breastplate and belt, and armed with a shield and her lasso of truth. You could even say she wears a crown.


Mental and spiritual warfare is real, it is difficult, and it is dangerous. The good news is that God can equip you for the battle. Never leave the house without your invisible armor. It is vital that you are prepared to protect your heart, protect your mind, and protect your soul.


  1. Be GRACIOUS: Ares, the god of war, is depicted as the root of evil. During the last few scenes, he seeks to destroy humankind altogether and asks Diana to join him or die. At that point, the camera turns to one of the more heinous characters in the movie—a mortal woman named “Dr. Poison,” who has performed horrific acts. Ares demands that Diana terminate her immediately, for the doctor is “unworthy of sympathy.” Though Wonder Woman has every reason to smite this lady, she chooses to spare her instead, answering back to Ares, “They’re everything you say they are, but so much more.” Wonder Woman understands grace.

There is really nothing more important than your ability to extend grace. It’s entirely easy to forget the significance of grace in one’s own life, and even easier to find oneself lacking in offering it to others. A real wonder woman’s life is full of grace! She never excuses wrong, but she will walk alongside those recovering from failure in the midst of their greatest battles.


  1. Be HOPEFUL: When Ares tells Diana that humanity will always be “weak, cruel, selfish, and undeserving,” she tells him this—“It’s not about deserve— it’s about what you believe, and I believe in love.” Diana holds onto love. She holds onto what is good. She holds onto hope. Even when Ares tries to convince her to give up, bellowing that it is “futile for her to imagine that she can win,” Wonder Woman refuses to listen to his lies. In the face of seeming impossibility, Diana believes that she can defeat Ares… and defeat him she does. “Only love can truly save the world…this is my mission now, forever”— her final words.

A wonder woman endures. She never stops believing. She never stops trusting. She never stops hoping. Genuine hope will fill you with all joy and peace in believing, regardless of your circumstances. You, friend, have the strength you need to overcome evil, to discern lies, and to accomplish the impossible.



  1. Be SECURE: In the beginning, though captivating, mortal man also finds Diana to be exceptionally strange (and maybe even a little crazy). Despite what others might have said or thought about her, the princess never stopped believing the truth about who she was and where she came from. Likewise, when things get really heated, Diana does not hesitate to recite her full identity in the face of the enemy— “I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta,” she voiced, “in the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this world is over.”


When you know who you really are, you’ll no longer fear your enemies or the opinions of man. As you remain in the truth of your identity, you’ll reject fear of failure and fear of the future. Likewise, your need to judge or compare yourself to others will cease, as will your tendency to prove your worth or earn your affirmation. So the next time you are faced with fear or foe, recite your true identity, and believe it.

Comic book superheroes might not exist, but real life superheroes do. A real life “wonder woman” fights the bullies of the world around her. She chooses to be a protector and a champion of others. She supports the disadvantaged that most might ignore. She aspires every day to live a little better, love a little harder, and care a little deeper.





Morgan Morris

Morgan is a former Miss Oklahoma USA, model, and missionary, who spends most of her recent days learning how to “mom” and be a military wife. Fueled by the good Lord, her two favorite redheads, and quality coffee, her love for writing and connecting with other women grows daily. Morgan has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, and a Ph.D. in bubble baths. Born to explore, with 30+ countries under her belt to prove it. She hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on her list. To learn more, you can find Morgan on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @mrsmorganmorris.