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20 Affirmations To Say To Our Girls Besides “You’re So Pretty”

20 Affirmations to Say to our Girls Besides "You're so Pretty"
Written by Jessica Kromer

Throughout the day I’ve been catching myself say this to our 18-month-old daughter quite often. With every affirmation using the words cute, pretty, or beautiful that rolls off my tongue, a little pang in my heart tells me something isn’t right. My heart tells me to choose phrases that speak more power and more purpose. 

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not banning these words from my vocabulary or judging the use of them by any means. We can give our girls compliments pertaining to looks; however, the focus on appearance should not stand at the forefront.   

From experience, I admit to the difficulty of choosing the best vocabulary. Sometimes the same words just slip out without a second thought. My husband and I chose to be more purposeful when speaking to our daughter. We compiled a list of helpful phrases to begin affirming our girl at a young age, throughout growth and into womanhood. 

We put the list on our fridge to remind us daily. Some days we use a handful of affirmations and some days we use all twenty. Instead of saying “you’re cute” or “you’re so beautiful” we practice using empowering phrases that will hopefully teach her to look beyond her physical appearance, toward her intelligence, capabilities, and heart.

These qualities will make a difference in the end, not a new haircut, latest make up trend, clothing style or symmetry of facial features. Continual emotional support or encouragement not only strengthens your child’s emotions, it strengthens their emotions after they turn into adults.

I urge you, if you’re not already, to give these affirmations to your girls as well. 

  1. You have the power to change the world.
  2. You are unlike any other.
  3. You have a beautiful soul.
  4. You’re so smart.
  5. Be yourself no matter what.
  6. You have the power to help others.
  7. You are going to move mountains.
  8. You are strong.
  9. You have a loving heart.
  10. You mean the world to us. 
  11. We’re thankful God gave you to us.
  12. You have the best sense of humor.
  13. You have a great laugh.
  14. You are very loved.
  15. You give fantastic hugs.
  16. We are proud of you.
  17. You did a great job!
  18. You are deserving of kindness.
  19. God loves you.
  20. You have an amazing imagination.

Don’t reserve these affirmations for just your loved ones. You can give them to the little ones at school, in your play group, at church, or at the park. The more we give, the better future for our girls and for our world.

These are only twenty phrases to help be aware of and improve upon affirmations given to our daughter. Feel free to share your own in the comments below. 

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Jessica Kromer is a freelance writer and mother. She is smitten with parenting along side her husband, Joel, and experiencing their first child together. Of course, a lot of coffee, outdoor activities and Netflix help keep the Kromer family afloat. These days Jessica’s time is filled with helping her daughter Aria grow and writing about all the experiences of parenthood. You can read more of Jessica’s writing at

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