Dad will arguably be the most important man in a daughter’s life. Through him, she will learn what “right” looks like. And a good Dad usually will do these things:

A good Dad will send spoken and unspoken messages to his daughter. She will learn what to expect, demand. What’s more, ingrained in every cell of her being will be an understanding of what she deserves—and what she doesn’t.

A good Dad will raise his daughter to know her worth, value, gifts, strengths, purpose. He will teach her to be brave. Take chances. Break through glass ceilings, aim for the stars, think big.

A good Dad will not comment on his daughter’s body, even innocently and in jest. Instead, he will teach her to focus on what her vessel allows her to do: run, jump, kick, dribble, walk, skate, dance, ski, move, thrive, be still.

A good Dad will ingrain in his daughter that her body is hers and hers alone. He will teach her that no means no. And that she is never responsible for the behavior of those who might try to objectify or use her. He will celebrate how his daughter’s body gives the gift of breath and life and is pure and God-given.

A good Dad will make sure he tells his daughter she is smart, hard-working, kind, funny, fierce, and has beautiful eyes. He will always reward her effort and correct behavior that is poor. He will do this often and without hesitation.

A good Dad will be right to his wife. He will hold doors and hands, refer to his wife affectionately. He will listen to his spouse. And value her opinion. He will always fight fairly and respectfully with his wife. He will call her beautiful, say no to sin, and gently pat his wife affectionately and lovingly on the tush when passing in the kitchen.

A good Dad will know his daughter is always watching. Listening. In his eyes, she will learn her worth. He knows it. And will lead with it.

A good Dad will not only tell but will teach his daughter what real love looks and feels like. Unequivocally, he will ensure his daughter knows the value in every ounce of her spirit, mind, and body.

A good Dad will make loving his daughter a verb. And will show her what RIGHT looks like.

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A good Dad will make loving his daughter a verb. And will show her what RIGHT looks like. #father #daughter #dad #fathersday

Valli Vida Gideons

I am a military bride, who writes about raising kids with cochlear implants, military life, and other things from the heart. Unrelated but not irrelevant... I have a degree in journalism and wrote my first short story in second grade about a walking/talking sponge; I've been an exercise instructor since my teen years (Flashdance sweatshirts, leg warmers and vinyl records to prove it); and may have been an extra on the vintage 90's hit, Beverly Hills 90210 (proof still found on VHS tapes). I got hypothermia in my first marathon at mile 25.5, but went on to kick butt the next six times I toed the line; I use to cut hair on Melrose Ave. in another life; and I am still besties with my two closest pals from elementary school, who encouraged me to share my story. This is my journey. I hope it provides a sliver of inspiration for anyone who is entering or in the midst of a fog. Follow my journey on Facebook and my blog!