Does the idea of Easter festivities make you cringe a little due to all the sugary treats that will be consumed? It’s hard not to be tempted by the splurge of a few candy eggs, jelly beans, and sugar cookies, but one indulgence can turn to many and then you’re headed for a sugar crash.

There are definitely ways to make your Easter a little healthier without missing out on any flavor or festivities that make the holiday fun. If you’re wondering what kinds of treats to serve this Easter that will coincide with a healthier lifestyle and diet, here are a few great options for you.

Hard-boiled eggs. All those colorful eggs you decorated for the Easter egg hunt can be eaten later as snacks. They can be peeled and eaten whole or mashed up with a little butter, salt and pepper for a tasty snack. Get your protein fix by eating eggs and keep your Easter eggs from going to waste on just decoration alone. If you find peeling hard boiled eggs cumbersome, a little trick I’ve learned is to place the egg in a glass that is half filled with water. Covering the glass with your hand, shake the egg around making sure it bounces off the glass. When done correctly the shell will peel off easily as one giant piece.

Chocolate-covered fruit. To get your sweet tooth fix, cut down on the sugar from candies and pastries and choose a healthier option of chocolate-covered fruit like strawberries, bananas or pineapple. This can easily feel as just as much of an indulgence but with fewer calories and sugar. Shari’s Berries Easter baskets include delicious, healthful options to celebrate the Easter holiday and makes a good gift to send to a friend.

Carrots. Be a bunny for the day and chomp on carrots. Head to your local farmers’ market to shop organic and support your local vendors. If you’re not a fan of eating veggies on their own, dip yours in Amy’s organic salsa or hummus to add a boost of flavor, but not all the fat.

Also, to be healthier, Easter doesn’t have to revolve around snacks and sweets. There are a ton of great ways to celebrate without changing your usual diet. Enjoy a simple picnic outdoors rather than planning a heavy meal or go for a pre- or post-dinner walk with the family for quality holiday time.

Non-edible gifts. Fill Easter baskets with lip balms, sidewalk chalk, mini notebooks, and stickers, which will be just as fun for kids to receive as a basket full of candy. If you’re having a grown up Easter holiday, choose a theme for your Easter baskets. For example, create a beauty basket with makeup from Ecco Bella such as pastel-colored eye shadows or nail polishes for the makeup lover or add a jar of homemade jam and healthful snacks like almonds or homemade trail mix in baggies secured with a pretty ribbon for your foodie friends and family.

The holidays don’t have to tempt you away from your healthy lifestyle. It’s just another opportunity to get creative with how you choose to celebrate it. There are always healthy alternatives to your favorite foods and ways to incorporate items in your gift giving that don’t involve food that inspire a healthy way of living.

What healthy habits do you follow during the holidays? Have you altered any of your favorite Easter traditions to uphold your healthier lifestyle?

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