Author’s note: This letter was written to my son by his grandmother, Wilma Malherbe, a week before this birth.

My little prince,

I wish that one day you will be able to play on sandy beaches free from litter and oil spills on the coast.

I hope your parents will respect each other and will always make fun of each other, laugh and never ever utter the words “divorce” to you.

I hope that your house will be one filled with love, with books lying next to the beds and a kitchen filled with the scent of freshly baked cookies and spices.

I hope that you do not act too smart for you age, but be smart enough to know that you are good enough in every single way.

That you will accept hardships and know that not all things will be given at face value.

Sometimes you will have a bad report, bury a family dog, get soaked in rain, learn patience helping an elderly lady.

To live and own and to win and succeed is not life.

Life is comforting, contentment, to learn to stand up after you have fallen.

I wish that you will explore other continents, learn other languages, most importantly learn the language of love.

That you will give freely.

That your parents will always be there to feed crumbs to the geese with you and that they will pick you up on their laps and read books of Scrooge, adventures, David and Goliath.

Remember you are born with a piece of their hearts in your heart and through this you never lose their love.

I hope you will know God and his heavens above and that you will build house in his Kingdom, just as little birds make little nests at his Altar.

May you love life and forget of any worries that carry weight on your shoulders.

Carry these things with you always:

Laughter, faith, humor, love, hope and an insatiable spirit.

Your grandmother

Kathryn Malherbe

I'm a mammographer and sonographer residing in Pretoria, South Africa. I just finished my Master's degree in Diagnostic Radiography on improving the diagnosis of Lobular Carcinoma of the breast, which tends to be missed during annual mammogram screening of patients. I'm 32-years-old and we have two loving "furkids" Thatcher and Lily our two Golden Retrievers.