Ever read something on the internet that makes you just a little nervous and queasy? I mean really it almost happens daily for me. But today, the subject that quickly caught my eye: Minecraft has a user created “sex mod.”

I know, I know. Right now you are groaning and thinking: “UGH! Not another mom who is going to police us with keeping our kids safe on the internet.” Bear with me. Let’s start with the basics:

What is Minecraft? The popular game is often described as a “sandbox game.” This means it’s a virtual land where users can create their own world. Players use building blocks and mostly their own creativity. It’s popular. I mean it’s so popular. You can pretty much go to any store and see Minecraft toys, bedding, dishes, clothes…you name it. It’s popular with all ages, but really really popular with elementary aged kids.

There has been a lot of debate on where these sex mods can be installed. The game is available on multiple platforms. You can play on a computer, smartphone, tablet, Xbox or Playstation. I’m not here to tell you where and how it can be installed. But it’s possible. Just google Minecraft sex mods and you will see lots of YouTube videos that are repulsive. Pixelated characters getting intimate. Yep, sounds gross, huh? Because it is!

This is where I get all mom on you. I don’t know how sex mods are installed, but I can almost guarantee you that if my kiddos happened to just google the word Minecraft, they would click on one of the videos. That’s enough to make me sit and think for a few minutes. Internet safety is so very important. Teach your kids to be safe at a young age. There are so many predators out there that take advantage of sweet innocent children.

Here are just a few tips we use in our home. I hope they are some benefit to you:

-Keep the computer in a high traffic area. We keep ours in the kitchen. We can always see what our kids are doing.

-Establish limits. This is different for every family. But, have an open dialogue about what sites can and can not be visited.

-Remember that there are all kinds of devices. iPads, iPhones, Xbox, PlayStation..I mean really the list goes on. Check those out too. Check out your parental settings.

-Get on the internet with your kids. Let them show you what they love to do. Maybe it will surprise you and you will have to set more boundaries.

Last, but certainly not least:

-Keep reminding your children about internet safety. I have to continually drill things into my kiddos’ heads. Am I a bit naggy? Probably! But when it comes to their safety, so be it!

Do you play Minecraft? What do you think about this whole issue? Let’s all educate each other rather than attack one another about the subject. We all need help with this parenting thing. It takes a village, right? Thanks for being a part of mine!

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