A Letter to My Daughter About Christmas Stress

Written by Jenni Laplow

As prime Christmas stress-time seems to be approaching, I am reminding myself of the advice I would share with my daughter when she is an adult. It’s helpful writing this out so that it will help me get through it, just as it’s important to share these words with her one day.

Dear Charlotte,

Christmas is a very magical time of year! You get to sing Christmas carols, eat yummy foods, bake Christmas cookies, and share this magical time with your family. But, there are also hard times you have to go through this time of year. Sad things can happen, or we may not be able to celebrate with someone in the family because they are no longer with us, or someone in the family may make you feel sad by something they say to you.

My mom always tells me that she wishes her wealth of knowledge that comes from going through life can just be passed along instantly to her children because it would make those hard and sad times easier to get through. With all my heart, I wish those exact same things from me to you…but you still have your own life to experience these things, so I have my own words of wisdom to pass along to you.


When you have your own family, you will be pulled in many different directions on what to do around Christmastime. Since you spent your childhood with Mommy and Daddy’s families, now that you are an adult you will start spending Christmastime with your children, your significant other’s family, and your own family…which will seem like a lot! Of course your dad and I hope to see you lots around the holidays, but you simply need to coordinate what is comfortable for your family. Don’t do too much.

It is harder to get through this time of year if sad things weigh you down, so you need to focus on what makes you happy. Right now, you make me happy. You are such a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl! Watching you laugh at Daddy when he puts on a Santa hat is the moment I want to live in this holiday season; leaving all past year stresses and sadness behind.

I wish that for many years we have wonderful Christmastimes together…full of laughter, baking cookies, sharing traditions, and so much more. 

I love you very much,

About the author

Jenni Laplow

I’m a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) located in Metro-Detroit, Michigan. Moving from a fast paced work environment to being a SAHM I’ve had a lot of adjustments in my life, so I rely on reading other mommy blogs for inspiration. I am happy to contribute my thoughts, ideas and experiences from my own stay-at-home journey! I am mommy to 1 daughter, 1 Puggle, and 2 cats.


  • What a wonderful letter and reminder to all of us that trying to do so much just stresses everyone out. Choose what works for your family and let the other things go by the way side. If it make you happy and brings joy to you and your family it is a must do.

  • Jenni,

    This is adorable. I journal to my kiddos and this definitely inspires me to sit down and write to them about the Christmas season, to ensure they remember what it’s all about, and how to find joy in the middle of the stress. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • I absolutely love this letter. She’s gonna cherish it so much.

    You completely nailed it. I moved in with my fiance, who has 2 kids from a previous marriage (they are 7 and 5) and trying to blend honestly 4 (his own, mine, what the boys are used to before I came into the picture and his ex-wife who is the primary residence) different traditions and ideas is hard to try to blend and compromise on. Family and traditions is important but its not something to “fight to the death” over. Im almost 29 and Im still learning this lesson haha