An open letter to my son’s future partner:

One day, all too soon, it’ll be time for me to let him go. A day that awaits, filling me with equal parts excitement and dread. 

Until then, I will endeavor to spend my life creating memories and providing opportunities to ensure your partner is a well-adjusted, all-around good guy.

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Some days currently can seem dang long; however, I’m certain when he leaves our home to explore this world, I’ll be waving him off using the front door to steady me. I’ll be biting my tongue to stop me from begging him to stay. 

Because it’s during those travels he will most likely meet you. His partner in crime. His confidant. His best friend. His equal. His new favorite person.

Beautiful soul, before he becomes your man, he is first my little boy.

Right now I’m his most favorite person. The very place he feels most safe. My silliness can conjure his best giggles, and my cuddles instantly soothe his biggest hurts. 

I know in time this will change, and all things considered, it breaks my heart into a million tiny pieces.

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You see, I am the keeper of his secrets. You’ll be the keeper of his dreams.

These drawn-out bedtimes with me, consisting of daily kindergarten tales, fun facts about dinosaurs, and water requests, will turn into whispered aspirations across pillowcases to you.

His wee hand that fits so perfectly into mine will one day slip so effortlessly into yours. I hope that tiny gesture brings a smile to your face and makes your heart flutter just as it does mine.

These first fumbling steps under my protective eyes will become strong purposeful strides as you travel life’s journey together.

Soon it will be my turn to graciously step aside as my role becomes gently diminished. I can guarantee I won’t be ready. It’ll be a pivotal turning point in my life as you’re just beginning yours. You’ll become his center stage, and oh, how I can’t wait to watch proudly from the wings as your story unfolds. My mama heart bursting with happiness in the knowledge we excelled as parents.

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With him, you will know true love. You will be respected, treated as an equal, and loved fiercely. 

Whoever you are, I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our family with open arms. 

With us, you will always have a home.

Look after my boy, he’s a good one!

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Lacey Owen

Lacey Owen is a busy New Zealand Mom of three gorgeous children who provide the basis for her blog @Laced with Love; experiences along her journey to becoming a Mother and all that Motherhood entails such as miscarriage, birth, ill babies, secondary infertility and raising young children. She works part time as a health professional and is a self confessed crazy cat lady!