It’s already month seven! In two months, my son will make his way into this world. I haven’t picked up a stroller, car seat, or crib. I haven’t sent out my baby shower invitations or shopped for those items either. I have the means to do all of these things, especially in advance, but I’ve chosen to not rush things or overly prepare for the unknown. Yes, my baby is coming soon but he’s got momma for love, support, and food already. Everything else has been planned for, so what am I waiting for?


I am doing what the universe is telling me to do.  “Enjoy your time with your son in your womb.”

My pregnancy has been quite enjoyable with very minor discomfort, and even that is rare. I feel like I get to know my son better every waking day and that he is my little sidekick who literally kicks me in my side every now and then. He’s my morning alarm clock as he tumbles around to help wake my very tired and pregnant self up. He’s my bed time story before I drift to sleep with his soothing movements to get comfy in my belly. He’s my little doctor reminding me to eat healthy when he lets me know that he doesn’t like the bad food I eat.

He’s my one World Wonder when I stare at him doing cartwheels in my belly. He’s my reminder that life is about to get better than it has ever been.

I have flash forwards of what he will smell like as a newborn, pristine and sweet. I can hear him coo and burp after feedings. I can see him squiggle and squirm while his eyes are shut as he gets comfortable while I rock him to sleep. That moment when I can hold him in my arms for the first time, and he looks at me straight in the eyes and speaks to me without opening his mouth.

Will it be a love that I’ve never known I could ever feel? Or will it be a love that I always knew would come to me? Will my heart open up and fill itself with the love of my son’s soul on its own, or is this something that I must learn to do?

What will it be like the first time he calls me mommy? What will it be like to send him on his first day of grade school, and to watch him get married and start his own family? I hadn’t thought about these things until well, now. I’ve always been called a procrastinator, pushing things until the very last minute. I guess it has always given me a sense of accomplishment to be able to get things done at the last minute. I can’t necessarily plan far into the future nor can I push things until the last minute when he comes. Life just happens, you know?

We have the present to always cherish, and my son, you are a precious gift to me. I love you deeply and with no strings attached. I’ve heard that babies choose their parents before conception even happens. Thank you for choosing me to be in your life as your mother. Thank you for coming into my life, and I hope that you feel the same way, too. You are kicking and tumbling around in my belly as I write this, so I guess that means you can hear me.

You give me the biggest smiles – I love you, my sweet son, my little Prince Charming.



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