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We all know the importance of friendships. However, a mom friend is a different kind of friend.

If you are ever so lucky to have a mom friend, it feels like this friendship starts when you need it the most. You get your baby ready for a playgroup, a music class, or the local park. You hesitantly sit beside another mom and start talking about how many teeth her baby has, where she got her outfit from and a super cool milestone her baby just hit. After a few more playgroups you exchange numbers.

A mom friend is born. 

You can visit your mom friend without having to worry. “Diapers?” Sure! “High chair?” Use mine! “Oh crap, I forgot . . .” Don’t worry I have it. Anything you need or forgot, your mom friend will have. Trust me when I say that your baby is not getting into anything. Your mom friend keeps her house like Fort Knox. You can relax knowing your baby has everything they need. 

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You can cancel all plans at the last minute because your baby had an explosive blowout and your mom friend wouldn’t even blink an eye.

Need advice or just to vent? Your mom friend sure knows how to do both. 

You commonly share early mornings together. You can meet up at 8 a.m. for a coffee or a stroll to the park because you both have been up for a few hours at that point.

Your mom friend will answer all your questions with tried and true methods. Texting random questions in the middle of the night is just the norm. There is no question too strange for a mom friend. If she does not have the answer, she will help you research with Dr. Google.

Some days can feel beyond long and boring when you are on maternity leave. A mom friend is the type of friend who will help get you through those sometimes never-ending days. A quick stroll around the trails or a bite to eat makes the day breeze by.

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A mom friend gets it when you just don’t want to “mom” today. Maybe let your child watch too much TV or rested on the couch while they played. There is never any judgment because it’s likely she is doing the same thing. 

A mom friend is a special kind of friend.

She never once doubted your abilities as a mother. She is your cheerleader, day in and day out. A mom friend is there for every moment in your child’s life. She is the support system that shows up when you need her the most. She is there to celebrate each triumph of motherhood and pick you back up when you are at your worst. If you are lucky enough to have a mom friend, you know what I mean.  

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Jamie Rose

Jamie is an elementary school teacher. She resides in Orangeville Ontario with her son Brody and her partner. During her free time she likes to listen to 90s rock music, play sports and walk her dog.

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