When I first found out I was going to be a mom, I felt a mixture of excitement and fear. This all mixed into feeling extremely overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. 

I spent so much time on Google and reading articles about being a mom. I scrolled through the latest research and studied all the “must-know” milestones during pregnancy and postpartum. There was so much information available that it sometimes left me feeling more frazzled than when I started searching for answers. 

And that’s where you come inmy go-to mom friend.

The woman who has paved the way and has stories to tell and advice to share. The woman I love, trust, and admire the most. The woman I have had the honor of seeing parent with grace and intention.

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Whether it’s calling you after my baby’s first fall or texting you in the evening to ask how you weathered the dreaded sleep regressions, you always have my back. You are the mama who I know has my best interest at heart. You are the mama who wants me to succeed and is ready to offer a listening ear when needed and advice when asked. 

In the world of social media, there are so many opinions on what it means to be a good mom, but you have helped me filter out some of the noise and seek genuine guidance from the ones who know me best. 

I know you are always just a phone call away when I need you.

You lead by example, and I am so grateful to have you as a mama role model. You never make motherhood a competition, and you always make room for me and help nurture my mothering personality. 

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You never talk down to me or belittle my questions or concerns. You never make me feel ashamed of the mom guilt that seeps its way into my heart. You always lift me up and listen closely with compassion and understanding. Watching you be a mama has helped encourage me as I seek to grow as well. 

I am so in awe of your strength and your heart.

When I didn’t know where to start, I knew who I could run to . . . you. Thank you for being a mentor, a confidant, and a support system all in one. While so much of motherhood is chaos, I know you will always be there as a safe space with arms wide open and a coffee (or wine depending on the day).

Thank you for the million little ways you have led the way.

Liz Newman

Liz Newman is a poet and a blogger from the Midwest. She writes primarily on faith, love, and relationships. She is a wife, mama, and a bookworm. She loves connecting with others through words and hopes to inspire and encourage others along the way.