A mother will always power through.

Through the late nights and the early mornings.

Through the 2 a.m. feedings and the never-ending days of teething.

Through the tantrums and the meltdowns.

Through the scraped knees and the broken bones.

Through the fevers and the emergency room visits.

A mother will always power through.

Through the stacks of bills and the endless amount of laundry she does daily.

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Through the first heartbreak and the tears that follow.

Through the arguments and the I’m sorrys.

Through the school pick-ups and drop-offs and the late-night practices.

Through the worries and fears that wrack her brain every night.

A mother will always power through.

When she is sick and can’t even get out of bed. But she does it anyway because her family is counting on her.

When she doubts all of her choices and constantly questions if she is making the right decisions.

When she hasn’t had a moment to herself because she is always putting everyone else’s needs before her own.

When she is tired of making all of the decisions all the time.

When she feels that she just can’t make it through another day.

A mother will always power through.

When she worries she isn’t good enough.

When she reminisces back to her kid-free days and how carefree life was.

When she compares herself to other mothers and wishes she could have it more together.

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When she feels she’s lost herself and only knows herself as “mom.”

When she feels so alone and that no one else in the world can relate to what she is going through.

A mother will always power through.

Because she is strong.

Because she is needed.

Because she is a mother.

Rachel Zeko

Rachel is a special needs therapist turned stay-at-home-mom to two little ones. She enjoys being outdoors, chasing around her toddler, and writing about the joys of motherhood.