To the stay-at-home-mom and the mom who goes to work.

To those who choose organic and those who couldn’t care less.

To those who send their kiddos to public schools and others who homeschool.

To those who are pro-vaccinations and to those who are anti-vaccinations.

To those who choose to nurse and to those who bottle feed.

Let me just say this:

You are beautiful. You are enough. You are strong. You are at times under-appreciated, yet you never quit. You are your child’s hero and their warm embrace.

You are tired, oh so tired, but you keep going.

You are the maker behind the most delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You are their comfort when their feelings are hurt. You are their goodnight kisses at the end of each day. You are their hand-holder as you teach them to look both ways. You are the provider of one more drink of water, one more book, and one more hug goodnight.

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You have purpose. You were chosen specifically for your child. You fit your child’s needs in a way that only you can. Your arms are your child’s safe haven.

You, yes you, are all of these things!

Motherhood is complicated and we make up a very diverse group of amazing women. We come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc. What’s truly remarkable to me is that although we may not always agree on our parenting styles, discipline methods, values or otherwise, the above statements are universal. Even though our personal choices may vary in opposite ends of the spectrum, we are all doing what we believe to be the very best for our children.

Our children we have loved, since the moment we heard the rhythmic sound of their sweet hearts beating.

On our worst days, when our patience runs low and our energy is on empty, let’s remember God put us in this wonderful position for a reason. We have a fascinating and at times daunting responsibility of shaping these beautiful, tiny humans.

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But you know what gives me comfort? Knowing we are in this together.

Encourage one another, lend a hand when we see one of our fellow mamas struggling, because we have all been there and we are sure to be there again.

No matter our differences, this weekend, on Mother’s Day, we are all celebrated. On Sunday morning I will think of you and your sweet littles, as I also soak in the sweet moments with my precious angels who gave us the most important title we will ever have.

I would also like to acknowledge women who have not yet experienced motherhood and are yearning to have a baby. I’m praying for you and truly believe God’s timing is perfect, which gives me great hope for you and your family.

Sweetest blessings and Happy Mother’s Day!

Tiffany Campione

My name is Tiffany and I am a proud Mother of two precious girls and a pilots wife. We have lived in 5 states in 8 years and have learned that home isn't a place, it's a state of mind where love surrounds you. For now we are grounded in Kentucky, dancing through life barefoot in the kitchen. My first children's book, Which Way Is It to Heaven? is available on Amazon! Follow Tiffany on Instagram @tiffanymcampione