I read the most touching article written by a man who noticed his wife couldn’t enjoy a shower without having to check in on and entertain their baby through the glass. Moms everywhere rejoiced for being noticed. Myself included. I draw pictures on the glass during showers, and more often than I care to admit, I cut my shower short with shampoo suds in my hair to comfort my 2-year-old who has immense separation anxiety.

As I grabbed a towel from overhead, I was frustrated. My husband left me the wet towel. As always I wrapped it around myself and cringed heading to the dresser. “Ladies first?” I thought. More like, “Moms go last!”

So, here I stand writing an encore article to the moms who wipe the fog from the shower door who also get the wet towels.

Moms everywhere, here’s to you.

Here’s to you eating a plate of one half-eaten chicken nugget and a few pieces of fruit your child left on their plate. Shoveling it in your mouth as though it’s gourmet Capital Grille food.

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Here’s to you, wearing the same two pairs of leggings day in and day out with a bra three sizes too small suffocating your back as you clothe your children in new outfits matched perfectly.

Here’s to you, freezing as you give your child your jacket he threw off in the car.

Here’s to you, mama bear, walking around the restaurant then boxing your food to go. You’ll eat in four hours. It’s fine.

Here’s to the mom who has microwaved her coffee 20 times and then been sidetracked.

Here’s to the mom remembering her pediatrician’s birthday and second cousin’s anniversary but having her birthday forgotten.

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A super special shoutout to the mom snacking on a baby pouch or teething cracker in the car while the same song is on repeat soothing her backseat baby.

To the mom who picks up an extra work shift or sells some stuff on Facebook marketplace just so her child can go see Daniel Tiger Live, you are awesome. Enjoy the show.

Here’s to you, the mom who takes the pictures and looks back through a photo album thinking how she will photoshop herself into the memories.

How nice of you to make sure you captured 20 photos of dads, aunts, and uncles. A selfie and glue stick will do the trick.

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Here’s to you mom, watching Sesame Street with the burning desire to find out who got the final rose on The Bachelor two weeks ago. Your TV time will come.

A toast to the moms giving the sunglasses off their heads, the shirts off their backs, the food off their plates, and grabbing the wet towels. You may feel last, but you’re definitely first in your child’s eyes.

Jennifer Bailey

Stay at home mom enjoying one little boy and navigating parenting one trip to Target at a time.