I am a Christian. I have been my whole life. But for most of my life I don’t know that I would have considered myself “a woman of God.” I didn’t feel that I was mature enough in my faith to be much more than “a Christian in training.” I prayed, a lot, for God to bring me closer to Him and to help me know Him more. I read my Bible, I went to church (sometimes) and I listened to Christian radio. I felt like I had a relationship with Him, but I still didn’t feel like he was my best friend. I didn’t feel like I fully grasped what I was supposed to.

People say you never know how you’ll react to a situation unless you’re living it. I’m proof that this is true. 

It wasn’t until “the storm” came that I was finally able to completely and totally give myself over to Him. He wants to take my worries? Please, take them! He wants to heal my pain? I welcome the relief. He wants to be my strength? I could use some of that. 

At first, He was a friend that I forgot to call right away. I’d let the waters rise a bit before I remembered His number. Then, I’d remember, but still let the waters rise, fighting my own, stubborn, “I can do it myself” ways. Now, I call on Him sooner and sooner all the time. Many mornings, when I wake up, my mind reeling, I fold my hands quietly before I even think of getting out of bed. During the day, He continues to be present and we continue to talk. Every night, before I put my boys to bed, we pray as a family thanking Him for another day and for our many blessings (because even in hard times, there are many, many blessings).

The saying goes that He will not bring you to anything you are not strong enough to get through. I don’t believe that to be true. I believe that He will not bring you to anything He cannot get you through. The hard times are temporary. They will soon be a part of the past. However, the relationship built with Him during those hard times is everlasting. And that is a beautiful gift that no one can take away.

Next time you face a storm, I encourage you to call on God first. It may not be second nature in the beginning (especially if you’re like me and aren’t as mature in your faith, or maybe you’re even new to your faith), but soon He’ll become your go-to friend. Soon, you’ll be able to say:

I am a Christian. I am a woman of God. “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” -Psalm 139:14

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Lacy Jo Donald

I, like many mothers, can't remember my life before I had children. I adore my children and love to spend time with them. I also love my job, God and my family!