This month we celebrate Mother’s Day. I was never pregnant. Never experienced birth. Didn’t witness a baby’s first breath or wipe their first tears away. Like a lot of young girls, I’ve always dreamed of being a mom. I never had the chance to watch my belly swell up knowing my baby was growing inside. I have no idea what it’s like to feel those little kicks from the inside. Even without those experiences, I’m still blessed to be a mom. I’ve wiped away countless tears, gave thousands (millions?) of hugs & kisses, read many books, played princesses and raced hot wheels so many times, and I now know what it means to love unconditionally.

Three other women had the privilege of carrying my babies and loving them first. Because of them & adoption, my dreams of being a mom have come true. I am truly blessed to be mom. It’s so much better than I could have imagined. It definitely has its moments that are tougher than others; but it’s all so very worth it.

This will be my first Mother’s Day as a mom to 3! I’m looking forward to spending the day with my family and getting extra hugs & kisses from my kiddos. And maybe a homemade card. Hint, hint.

Just like every other day, I’ll be thinking of my kids’ first moms. Due to various reasons, they were unable to raise these precious babies that they helped create. They were mom to my kids before I was even in the picture. They loved them when I didn’t even know they existed. I am so blessed that I get to be mom now, but I will never dismiss the fact that my kids had another mother before they had me. I can only imagine how bittersweet & emotional Mother’s Day has become for them. C, N, & J know that we love you, honor you and respect you. I’m happy to share my day with you… Happy Mother’s Day!

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Alissa Kay

Alissa was born and raised in the Midwest and currently calls Wisconsin home. She's happily married to her college sweetheart and she's living out her dreams of being a stay-at-home mom. Although, let's be real, she's hardly ever home. She's the mom to 3 kids who all came to her via adoption. A boy (8) and 2 girls (6 and almost 4!). The kids keep her plenty busy, but when she has free time she enjoys a night out with friends or curling up with a good book.