You know the scenario. The one where she hurls accusations and insults you know aren’t true, but they still sting your mama heart.

The one that seems to erase seven or eight of her years and give them to you.

The one that makes you feel small and insecure and angry, too. 

The one you wish so desperately you could avoid.

She may not know it now, but she really doesn’t mean it, mama.

Those words, they sting. But they aren’t true. And right now, that’s what she needs you to hold onto.

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When it feels like she just wants to fight, it may be a cry to fight for her heart. It may be that she needs to know there is something—Someone—stronger than every storm, that He won’t leave her no matter what. She needs to see it in your eyes, that this is what you believe.

So when the storms hit, as they surely will, remember this:

Mama, He won’t leave you alone.

You may feel frazzled and frayed, undone and shaken, but He’s not going to walk away. He is here to stay.

This is the blessing I’m clinging to, and friend, it’s also for you:

“Now, may the Lord himself, the Lord of peace, pour into you [His] peace in every possible way. The Lord’s tangible presence be with you all” (2 Thessalonians 3:16, TPT).

It’s become a lifeline. A hope-filler. A present that overrides the present moment because His presence is always the greatest gift.

Even in the middle of the hardest days, the Lord of peace is present. He holds you, and He holds her. 

Her words can’t negate His. Nor can the fury of the storm negate His strength.

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I’ve witnessed Minnesota tornadoes rip up trees and lay them flat across our garage, our yard, our driveway. But there’s something embedded into the swirl of a tornado.

In the center, the very eye of the storm, it’s calmest. Though all havoc may unleash and fling your foundation upside down, the closer we are to the Lord of peace, the less the things that feel out of control can control us.

His very presence calms the storm.

So stay near Him when you need to choose whose words to believe. Stay near Him when you feel you need super-human strength. Stay near Him. And may His tangible presence surround you, mama, and “pour into you [His] peace in every possible way.”

She doesn’t mean it, mama.

But He does.

He means every word He’s said, every promise He’s made, every truth He’s declared.

He’s the Peace-Filler. The Truth-Finder. The Restorer-of-Everything. 

The Grace-Giver.

The Divine-Healer.

Our Living-Hope and All-in-All.

And because He is here to stay, mama, you are not alone.

Twyla Franz

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