Before you were gone, you were here.

Before you left my womb incomplete, you were whole.

Before you met our Father up in Heaven, you were ours.

Before your body left mine, you nuzzled your way into my heart, leaving an empty piece that only meeting you in Heaven will ever fill. 

Before God called you back home, you were imagined, through and through. Every single part of you.


Eye color.

Tiny toes.

Dangling fingers.

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The way you would yawn.

How you would burrow your head under mine.

Hearts beating together, once again, in time.

The parts of you that would favor your daddy.

The parts of you that would identify with me.

Before our Father placed you in my womb, He handcrafted you—fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Your body may have only grown within me for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t matter, precious one.

You were imagined.

You were loved.

You were anticipated.

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Before you were gone, you were here.

Before you were gone, you were mine.

For, I know in my heart, the angel babies of the earth are the keepers of Heaven’s gates, and I cannot wait to lovingly meet you there, one day, to reclaim you as my precious baby, once again. 

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