My friend Katie was having a bedtime conversation with her older son Ryan, when he said to her, “Mom, when I’m your age, you’ll be the grandma to my children.” Then he gave Katie a big hug. A few weeks later, Katie’s husband Paul was helping their younger son Nick brush his teeth. It turned into a bit of a scuffle, and Paul, trying to defuse the situation, told Nick that tooth brushing would get easier when Nick was older and didn’t need help. Nick ‘s reply to his dad? “Yeah, when I’m your age, you’ll be dead.”

You gotta laugh, and the great thing about Katie and Paul is that they do laugh, and they do enjoy both of their sons — and their daughter — for each child’s special traits and personality.

Do you remember that book and movie The Stepford Wives? The premise behind Ira Levin’s novel is that a group of husbands get together and turn their wives into mechanical perfect spouses. The popularity of the book, and the movie (and its remake) convinces me that we all have an unspoken longing to change those people around us into easy-to-live-with, easy-to-understand folks. Parents may find themselves secretly wishing that they could do a “Stepford” kid kind of thing, at least once in a while. I know I did!

Aren’t we lucky that God doesn’t think like we do? Now I’m not talking about sin here. I’m not talking about the evil, self-serving things we do. I’m talking about preferences, abilities, and personality quirks. I would be so in trouble if God decided to make all the klutzes in the world third class citizens. Or what if He didn’t like me because I love to read, but I’m not much into card games? What if He hated the fact that I like to play piano but not golf? What if he thought I was inferior because I have a terrible time understanding math?

Each evening, Katie and Paul gather in their three sweet kids. They celebrate — or sometimes just get through — familiar bedtime rituals, but their love is unconditional.

As for our heavenly Father? I think this verse sums it up very well. “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32 KJV) Notice that God includes the whole “flock,” not just the great golfer or the mathematical genius. Not just the beauty but the beast. Not just you or me or them but all of us. What a wonderful assurance.

Good night, Little Flock. Sleep tight. Rest in His love!

(Featured photo, Copyright Katie Woods, 2013. Used with permission.)

Sue Harrison

BIO: Novelist Sue Harrison is best known for her Alaska trilogies. Her novels, national and international bestsellers, have been published in more than 20 countries in 13 different languages. Her novel Mother Earth Father Sky was named by the American Library Association as a Best Books for Young Adults. Sue lives with her husband in Michigan, but has family here in Nebraska and love Nebraska's rich history. She is currently writing romantic suspense for the inspirational market. Catch up with Sue on her website and blog – .