This is a simple recipe that can be very fitting for Christmas or Thanksgiving. I made these treats with my children who are 3, 5, and 7. We made these to give to all our cousins when we see them for Christmas. It’s a great way to share how blessed we are in a tasty fashion!

Blessings Bag - Thanksgiving

Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Sandwich size Ziploc bags – or small plastic containers of some sort. You could fuss it up with a decorated mason jar. 
    • Bugles
    • Pretzels – “prayer style” or traditional pretzel shape
    • Candy Corn
    • Nuts / Seeds
    • Dried Fruit
    • M&M’s
    • Hershey Kisses – we chose the red and white kind to represent Jesus, the blood he shed for us and the purity we recieved when he died to take away our sins

Blessings Bag - Thanksgiving

Here’s what so great about this recipe – you can just hand out all these items and let your kids shove them into bags. My 7-year-old is meticulous and wanted to have each bag include the exact same amount of items. We used this as an addition and subtraction exercise and she would tell me how many she needed based on what she had counted. My 5-year-old worked on grouping and arranging and for my 3-year-old, we worked on sorting and counting to five.

Recipes are part of the story we weave through history. They must be shared with family and friends so they are not lost memories!

Blessings Bag Thanksgiving


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